What I Believe Jerry Angelo Should Do

Danny MeikelContributor IMarch 17, 2009

There's been a lot of trade talk and Free Agency talks out there and I sort of summed them up and thought of some myself. I have some interesting draft moves, signings and releases, and trades that I would hope Jerry Angelo at least takes a good look at.

I don't know how much of this the Bears are thinking about doing, but here's what I think would help our Bears team and make our team a lot more interesting, and it would keep Jerry Angelo more active.

Trade either Vasher or Urlacher for Jay Cutler, maybe add Orton in there or one of our other QB's. We get a Pro-Bowl QB that would be our franchise QB for awhile.

Sign Torry Holt to a one-year deal for WR depth for around a year until a replacement can be found. 

Sign Derrick Brooks to a one-year deal for LB Depth for one year until a replacement can be found.

Release Desmond Clark—Cap Space.

Release Adawale Ogunleye—Cap Space.


Round One: Draft Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR. Big-play receiver, will be able to be used greatly with Cutler's strong arm

Round Two: Draft Phil Loadholt, OL. Pancake run-blocker. Will open up holes for Matte Forte and will help our running game thrive

Round Three: Draft Jairus Byrd or Keenan Lewisas, CB if Vasher is traded. Draft Scott Mckillop, LB if Urlacher is traded. 

Round Four: Draft Sherrod Martinas FS or FS David Bruton if Martin is already picked.

Trade fifth, sixth, and seventh-round picks for a second or third-round pick.

Draft Jarron Gilbert DT/DE in the second or in the third with the extra pick or get Phillip Hunt.

Starting Roster if everything happens. (We will assume that Vasher is traded):


QB-Jay Cutler*

RB-Matt Forte

WR's-Heyward-Bey*, Holt*, Hester

OL-Williams, Garza, Kruetz, Omiyale, Loadholt* 

Tight Ends-Greg Olsen, Kellen Davis*


Safeties-Sherrod Martin*, Kevin Payne, Daniel Manning(Nickelback)

Cornerbacks-Byrd*, Tillman, Graham(Competing for starting job)

Linebackers-Briggs, Urlacher, Brooks*

Defensive Lineman-Anderson, Harrison, Harris, Gilbert*, Brown (including sub, depends on who gets the starting job)

IDK about you, but it looks like a pretty good team to me. Please comment and tell me what you think.


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