TJ's Quick Hits: The AFC West Division

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IMarch 17, 2009

Denver Broncos

The land of the 1,000 yard rushers. What better place to be a running back than Denver?

Unfortunately, being a quarterback for the Broncos isn't nearly as fun, just ask Jay Cutler.

When you think modern-day Broncos, you think Champ Bailey, right? What about when you think Champ Bailey?

Personally, I remember Ben Watson chasing him down from the opposite side of the field and knocking his head off. But maybe that's just me (and every Patriots fan ever.)

But back to the Cutler situation. What's going to happen there? Are he and Josh McDaniels (went to school down the street from me) going to kiss and make up? Or is Cutler's request to be traded going to be honored?

If it is, what's Denver going to do as far as the quarterback position goes? Is McDaniels going to find a way to bring in his golden boy Matt Cassel?

 Kansas City Chiefs

Are they going to deal within the division and let Denver get Matt Cassel? Every fiber of my being screams no.

But hey, they picked up Mike Vrabel who does everything he can during a game, including but not limited to playing defense, catching touchdowns, changing his Depends, and replacing his own dentures, all while reading his grandchildren a bed-time story.

If that's not talent, then I don't know what is.

Oakland Raiders

This is more than likely my fall from grace, as the Raiders fans on Bleacher Report are passionate and like every good Raiders fan, a little crazy.

Let's start from the top, and the top is Al Davis. I'm sorry but the man just looks like pure evil. Kids have nightmares about him. Full-grown adults have nightmares of him for that matter.

But at least they boast the talented JaMarcus Russell. What quarterback would you want more than him when you needed to get the ball in the end zone?

What's that? You can list 31 other NFL quarterbacks that you'd rather have? That's a bit harsh...

There are entirely too many jokes involving the Raiders, it's not even that fun to make fun of them.

I'll say this for them, their fans are some of the most passionate that I've ever seen in my life. Even through all of their recent futile seasons, the Raider faithful remain painted for their team. They remain just as loyal.

San Diego Chargers

Lucia, if you read this, I apologize in advance for the argument it'll bring.

Let's look at the biggest story surrounding the Chargers, LaDainian Tomlinson.

For weeks, all we heard about was how he was leaving San Diego and then wham. He signs a contract. But why?

Is it because while Darren Sproles is good, the Chargers know that his frame isn't suited to withstand an entire season's worth of punishment? Is it because the Chargers want Tomlinson to retire as a Charger?

Or is there something more?

Do they see something in Tomlinson that I don't? Some glimpse of the Tomlinson of old? The Tomlinson that's a complete monster during the regular season but conveniently gets hurt come playoff time and then sits on the sidelines looking disinterested?

That's the biggest problem I have with him, really. While on one hand he's a great running back, his downside is that when others get down on him, he gets down on himself.

And is it something about Tomlinson that makes the running backs on the depth chart behind him great? Or is it the Chargers drafting and free agency moves?

Does Tomlinson have an incredible amount of wisdom to leave with the other running backs? Or do they learn by example?


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