Jay Cutler Has Every Right To Be Mad at Liar McDaniels

Mark ChurchContributor IMarch 16, 2009

In my opinion, Jay Cutler has every right to be mad about his situation in Denver. Rumors come up that they want to trade Jay for Matt Cassel, then head coach Josh McDaniels comes out and denies they ever tried to trade him.

Additionally, when they had a conference this past Saturday, McDaniels told Cutler that he really did try to trade Cutler for Cassel, and didn't think he was making a mistake by doing so. This is why I believe Jay Cutler has every right to be angry.

Why would you want to be a player for a group of liars? Then they gloat in your face about the lie, and tell you that they don't regret trying to trade you?

Come on, I've been a Denver Broncos fan since I came out of the womb (1983.) We stuck with John Elway through good and bad.

Jay Cutler has had much better stats in his first three seasons, than Elway did in his first three seasons.

I was born when Elway came into the league, and ever since Elway retired we never found a replacement until we got Jay Cutler.

Don't you think that if the Broncos tried to trade Elway back when he first started, they would have been foolish? To me, there is no difference here.

People come on! These articles and forums are saying that he is a cry baby, when most likely these same people aren't Bronco fans themselves.

So, of course they want a good quality player like Cutler to leave Denver. But as a fan since birth, I am looking out for the best interest of the team. Cutler has wanted to play for Denver since he got here, just not under a group of liars!

McDaniels has been completely irresponsible in this whole debacle. He should be fired in my opinion, and we should get Shanahan back!


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