Jay Cutler: Put Down Your Tissues and Quit Being a Cry-Baby

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMarch 16, 2009

During an episode of "South Park", Denver Broncos fans Stan and Kyle attended a party where they met Jay Cutler. After being introduced, one of them said, "You suck right now, but my dad says you might be good some day."

Not only may that day never come, but who's to say it ever will. Yes, Cutler was a Pro Bowler last season. But he failed to lead his team to the playoffs again, and still has yet to.

What started out as a 3-0 season and four game lead over eventual division champion San Diego, the team fell apart and their head coach was fired.

Was it his entire fault?  No.

But when you're a quarterback who can't lead his team to the next level, some falls on your shoulders.

As a rookie, Cutler was named the starter towards the end of the 2006 season with his team in playoff contention. The team fell apart and missed the playoffs for the first time  in four seasons.

A year later, the team finished with only its second losing record since 1995.

Recent rumors have suggested that the Broncos wanted to trade for Matt Cassel and deal away Cutler.

Cutler found out and is now refusing to speak with the team, and even attend meetings. 

Poor baby.

So offers were being made for you. Shouldn't it make you feel better that your team did not make the trade?

Not only does he throw a temper tantrum and blow off the team, but he's selling his house! 

So what exactly is his goal here?  Sounds to me it's not the Broncos that don't want Cutler, it's vice versa. What's next? Is he going to cancel his Blockbuster membership at the local video store?

Let me tell you about another Denver quarterback. He had led his team to the playoffs multiple times and even became a Hall of Famer. Then one year, going into the draft, his coach promised to get him a playmaker on offense to help him out. Instead, he drafted another quarterback with the goal of replacing him.

I don't think I have to tell you that man was John Elway, and I also don't think I have to tell you that he didn't pout and refuse to report to his team. And Elway had a quarterback in camp to take his place in Tommy Maddox. Can we even name the backup quarterback on the Broncos now?

So Cutler, you're upset. Do what Elway did. Get on the field and prove them wrong.  And the only way to get on the field is to go to team meetings.

If not, what are your options? The New York Jets? Trading for a quarterback didn't really work out for them last season.

Cleveland? Nope. Eric Mangini was the coach in New York who lost his job because of the trade.

Detroit?  Let me tell you. Some would rather wait for an opening in the new UFL than go to the Bermuda Triangle of football franchises.


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