It's Raiders Nation; There Are No Other Nations

Jason GereContributor IMarch 16, 2009

This subject has been a bone of contention for me recently, or at least since everybody thought it was cool to refer to their team followed by the word "nation."

The only true nation that exists in sports is "Raider Nation." Like all things in America, the concept has been stolen by announcers and branded to any team that is doing well and has a strong fan base. Fans then steal it and make it their own.

Prime example: Red Sox Nation. Please give me a break. This was a team that, until a few years ago, had been over 80 years without a title. No one even considered them a legit team. Now that they have won, suddenly there is a Red Sox Nation?

They aren't the only ones. Writers consistently refer to things like Gators Nation, Redskins Nation, Yankee Nation, etc., as if a bunch of bandwagon fans deserve to be labeled as anything except what they truly are.

Stop it.

Raiders Nation is the only true nation. To all those other fakes? Get your own cool nickname and stop jacking ours.


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