Why Do Professional Wrestlers Use Drugs? If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

There are so many reasons to use drugs as a Pro Wrestler. The press, the media, society, all are quick to chastise the Professional Wrestler for this. This, however, is the choice of the wrestler, no longer, the force of a boss. There aren't simply one, but three drugs to be sought.

The demands of a professional wrestler are many! A professional wrestler is not simply asked to display a great body. Wrestlers are not simply asked to stay awake, on track, during tedious hours and a no-vacation, year.

Wrestlers are not simply asked to fight, wrestle, through injuries. These superstars and wannabe superstars are asked to do all three.

When signing that contract, with a big promotion, for many, this can be a dream come true! This moment, can also lead to a man/woman, who will sign ANYTHING to get this opportunity.

Wrestlers have traditionally been asked, nay, expected to have a super-human body. In the 80's and 90's, Vince McMahon has undergone trials, under which he was indicted for pushing Steroid use. He was ultimately acquitted.

The First demand, is steroid use, and or other "performance enhancing" drugs. To keep up with that traditional look as a wrestler, "juicing," is a well-known, common practice.

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To use these drugs, one can achieve a body that is muscular, without as much work as a body builder. If the quick body type is not the desired effect, one can use Human Growth Hormones, along with Steroids.

This combination, can give a man the "carved" look. This will make a man stand out.

The second demand of this job or career, is the demand to work through the pain and tedium of the body and injuries, both in-ring and after effects. There is a need to work every week, stay on a show, to appear either once every week, sometimes, even three or four times a week.  How does one keep up?

A wrestler can "work through the pain" by using even their first, legitimately prescribed, pain killer. When that first injury/ pain occurs, it is eased by these drugs and the wrestler can keep going after that first RX.

When the star needs to keep going, why be in pain day, after day, week, after week....? Why not simply increase a bit, get more money, while working more?

The third demand is pure tedium, boredum, and the need to stay awake during arduous travel and conditions. A common practice for people who are living a fast, rich, famous life, is the use of traditional street drugs.

One drug in particular, which seems to be the most prevalent, is cocaine. This practice is not limited to wrestlers, but film, music, and other types of celebrities. Many Celebrities die in "Hollywood," yet this is seen as a romantic way to go.

When a wrestler uses drugs, be it a "performance enhancing," "recreational," or a prescription drug, this is a sought after result for the media. Wrestlers are chastised for all of this, due mostly, to the trials of Vince McMahon. Wrestlers have always been outcasts of common society.

Wrestlers, as wrestling itself, have been seen as a televised carnival act.The mainstream press has never bothered to watch this sport, in the same fashion as the NHL, NBA, NFL...

The wrestlers themselves, will therefor, not taken seriously.  This status in society, is what makes a member of the media look at the sport as they "dip-in," rather than watching, and understanding the sport for what it is.

In an interview with Kurt Angle, on a show called "Off The Record," He says this best. A man signs a contract to follow the demands, both physically and mentally. A work schedule is to be observed as well as a tedious schedule.

When a person signs that contract, it is up to that person, individually, to carry out those demands how they see fit. If the star needs to take a set of 'P.E.", "rec." or RX, that maybe the only way to keep up, in their mind.

Vince asks quite a bit, but does not push. The "Wellness Policy" of the WWE may not be a solution, but this is a step in the right direction.

Thanks for reading.

---------Blue Chip


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