Trade Brady Quinn? Are You Crazy?!

Mark GoodmanContributor IMarch 16, 2009

In 2007 the Browns made 'the move of the draft' in trading up to get Brady Quinn.  While the ensuing holdout and contract drama unfolded, Derek Anderson had an amazing year—and it turned out to be just that; One amazing year. 

The 2008 season saw Anderson show his true form as he continued his slide back into Browns quarterback mediocrity.

Quinn showed some signs of ability, but was injured only a few starts after he replaced Anderson halfway through the 2008 campaign.

Now with new leadership and coaching in Cleveland there have been a few interesting moves. Trading Kellen Winslow for 2nd an 5th round picks was a good start. Then came the release of Joe Jurevicius and Kevin Shaffer—more smart moves. 

The only problems that seemed to come with Eric Mangini taking over involve Shaun Rogers' need to be coddled like a 4th grader and hugged by his new teacher, and a still present quarterback controversy. 

Now there is a rumor flying around about a trade between the Browns and Broncos involving Jay Cutler

Since when do the Browns need another quarterback? 

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Apparently the rumor is Cutler and Draft Pick(s) for Shaun Rogers and Brady Quinn.  This would leave the Browns with Derek Anderson as the backup (with the rest of his 3-year, $20 million contract).

Here is the one and only acceptable option for the Browns to avoid turning completely into the Detroit Lions (if they make any big moves at all).

  • Trade Shaun Rogers for 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th rd picks.
  • Trade Derek Anderson for a 3rd Round Pick.
  • Sign either Byron Leftwich or Jeff Garcia from free agency to backup Quinn.
  • Sign Tank Johnson to replace Shaun Rogers.
  • Sign Drew Bennett and Marvin Harrison to replace Joe Jurevicius (and possibly Donte Stallworth).

The last thing on anyone's mind should be trading Brady Quinn—period.

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