Brett Favre: Top Five Reasons He Might Be Back

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2009

There was no gathering of the media this time. No cameras, microphones, and no one asking questions.

Favre said his "final" good-bye through his agent, as well as addressing random reporters. Oh, and this time he actually filed the retirement papers.

However, I'm still not convinced.

Despite being adamant about not returning, and expressing that he was truly done, I don't think I can believe him.

He toyed with Packers fans for too many years, especially the past year, and it had gotten—it has gotten—to the point where as much as we may love him, we simply cannot trust him.

So, in the potential case that Favre rumors begin swirling away, here's five reasons Favre might return this year.

1. No Press Conference

The general consensus is that Favre loves the attention, and can't get comfortable outside the limelight.

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It's very possibly he chose to not had another conference because he'd feel as he would be making a mockery of himself. He didn't need another tear video collage on ESPN.

2. To Spite Ted Thompson Even More

Favre was quoted to have come back simply to "spite" Thompson. I don't know who should be more upset: Jets fans or Thompson.

No one likes to hear you didn't really want to be a part of their city. Especially New Yorkers.

If Favre became aware of an opportunity to play with Minnesota and Chicago, you can't tell me he wouldn't think about it.

3. He Can Still Play

While Favre definitely didn't look good down the stretch, his team wasn't doing him any favors. Favre is old, had an average offense, and his arm was messed up.

The fact that he threw for six touchdowns in a game for the first time in his career last season should tell you he can still perform.

Sure, it's just one game, but that point is Favre can play, and if he's healthy and can stay that way, he might realize it before the preseason starts.

4. The Packers Aren't Retiring His Number

Packers President Mark Murphy stated that the team planned on a retirement ceremony for Favre's number sometime in the future, but not this season.

He explained that Favre coming out of retirement made them weary of setting a date this year, as he could do the same thing again.

That doesn't mean Favre is coming back, but it means the Packers and even Favre are still unsure about the quarterback's retirement.

5. It's An Itch He Has To Scratch

Favre can tell us he is retiring "for good" all he wants, but the fact is the guy loves football more than anyone in the world.

He gritted out 17 seasons in Wisconsin for crying out loud, and then had another miserable winter in New York. No one loves anything enough to do that.

Let's just say Favre won't be jumping into coaching or analyzing games anytime soon. Those things suit Favre perfectly down the line, but the only thing that can effectively keep Favre off the field is riding his lawnmower or golf.

But really, Favre needs the attention. The itch he needs to scratch is no longer because of the game, but more a result of the game. He thrives on the energy from the media, and until he flat-out cannot play anymore, he will desire the spotlight.

I mean, do you really expect it to stop? Come on, people. Whether you like it or not, the almost 40-year-old Favre isn't gone yet.

Not for good, anyway.

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