Either Trade Jay Cutler or Fire Josh McDaniels: It's Time To End This Soap Opera

Kimberley Nash@sambrooklynSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2009

A few weeks ago, when this whole thing began, I thought to myself, "What a frickin' crybaby this dude Cutler is." So your new head coach entertained some trade conversations, big deal. It's not like Cutler was so valuable to the franchise that he couldn't be traded.

It was Cutler's bad to have held himself in such high esteem.

I dismissed the story after that point, figuring that at some point in time, cooler heads would prevail and the Broncos would go about the business of building their team back into the AFC contender they once were.

No such luck. Here we are, less than 60-days from the NFL draft, and we are still hearing about Jay Cutler and his hurt feelings. Seriously?

At some point, if you are a Broncos fan, you have to be wondering how much of this is hurt feelings and how much of it is Jay wanting out of Denver now that Coach Shanahan is no longer calling the shots.

Think about it. He's putting his house up for sale (although sources say he had plans to do that anyway), his parents are moving out of their house located nearby, Jay is missing out on appearances where he is expected by the team, and his most recent meeting with Coach McDaniels shows more friction than forgiveness.

My bet is even if Jay does report to that first team meeting, he won't exactly be a ray of sunshine and that has got to be disconcerting not only to the Broncos brass but to the new coach as well.

After all, Cutler and McDaniels are only about seven-years apart in age and this whole thing wreaks of a contest to see whose fishing pole is bigger.

Cutler is at this point begging to get out of Denver with his continued drama and unwillingness to bend on the idea that the new coach isn't out to trade him if a better deal comes along by the draft or at the draft.

McDaniels has gone out of his way to make this point clear. He has said, and I quote, “We are not trading Jay Cutler — period.” You can't get any clearer than that, right?

On the other hand, isn't that always the kind of thing you hear just before the person does precisely the opposite? Jay could have a reason to be looking to ditch his Colorado real estate and prepare himself to use those airline miles. 

Either way, if Cutler stays, it's not likely to be good for McDaniels. By his actions alone, Cutler is pretty well undermining the new coach before he even hits the Broncos practice field. How will that effect the team chemistry of those already there and the new draftees of 2009?

Does Cutler have enough pull in the locker room to become a cancer? Could he make a decent, yet underachieving Broncos team, turn into a complete disaster? Gasp! (covering mouth) Has JC become the new TO?

He's already got one teammate feeling edgy. Reportedly, tight end Tony Scheffler thinks this new administration is a bit "cutthroat" and is himself worried about his place in McDaniels' offense—an offense that really doesn't much care for the tight end.

How many other current players could be feeling the heat?

Now, there are those who are on Cutler's side. Hard to find too many of them in Denver right now, but there are those who think the young quarterback has every right to be angry. After all, he has done his job. He's gotten more prolific throwing the football with every passing season. He's a pro bowler. What more can you ask of the guy?

Further, last I checked, Jay doesn't play defense. The Broncos have been less than stellar as a defensive unit since before Cutler took the reigns from former quarterback Jake Plummer.

They have made some key moves in free agency, however, signing Brian Dawkins, Renaldo Hill, and Andra Davis, to name a few. With that, you have to feel pretty good about a turnaround on defense next season.

It stands to reason, then, why not give Cutler the opportunity to prove his worth under the new regime before giving up on him? No matter what McDaniels says now, he obviously didn't have faith that Cutler could be effective as his quarterback.

That whole "I'm just listening to the offers" crap is really nonsense. Do you think that Mike Tomlin would "listen" to offers about Ben Roethlisberger? How about Norv Turner, is he "listening" to offers for Philip Rivers? Not likely.

So, Jay kind of has a point in believing that he isn't wanted. Just a small point, but a point nonetheless.

But I digress, my point is, Cutler has always had to play from behind. The defense has given up so many points that the Broncos offense has had to abandon the run altogether and just rely on the passing game to either stay in games or try and come back from deficits.

That leads to mistakes and turnovers at both the quarterback and the wide receiver positions. Think about how many dropped balls Mr. Royal had last season; it would make you cringe.

Cutler is still young, hardly at his peak, and has the potential to do better if he is in a good situation. It was short-sighted on McDaniels part to not consider the repercussions of such a bold move. Lying to your quarterback is a no-no when you want to build a rapport.

Maybe you should be fired for being an obvious idiot. The drama and disorganization you have already brought to the Denver franchise wreaks of Lane Kiffen's madness while he was at Oakland.

Such a classless move.

However, it is a business. No player is truly indispensable. Even the brightest stars get their walking papers at some point.

So, the real question at this point has to be this: who do the Broncos want more? Cutler or McDaniels? Because one thing is mind-blowingly clear, someone will have to go.

Stay tuned.

Update: Cutler has requested a trade from the Denver Broncos. Read story here.


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