Josh Freeman's Rise to Fame?

sportsloungecentral.comContributor IMarch 16, 2009

Josh Freeman has become one of the hottest topics of the NFL Draft.

The 6'6", 250 lbs. quarterback has wowed viewers at the combine, and the possibility to pick another Daunte Culpepper pre-injury has excited owners and general managers.

Will he be able to produce at the pro level?

Freeman has not faced the defensives that other top QB’s like Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez, but he also does not top prospects all around him on offense.

It balances out, and I fully expect Josh Freeman to be one of the best players in this year’s draft.

Amazing Arm 

He cannot start from day one, and he ran a pro-style offense at Kansas State. He brings athleticism and is very mobile, Freeman showed that with 400 rushing yards last year and 14 TDs.

He also is accurate when he has some type of offense around him. When Freeman had Jordy Nelson, he had a 63.3 completion percent. But without him, he only had a 58.6 completion percent, due to the fact that the offense around him was nothing special and they were a younger offense then most.

He still threw for 2,954 yards, 20 td, 8 INT, and had a 136.48 QB rating.


The fact that Freeman has gotten better every year shows you the potential he has. His stock has risen from a second rounder to a potential Top-15 pick.

In my mock Draft, I have him going either 19th overall to the Bucs or 17th overall to the Jets. His stock has risen due to the fact that he has a ton of potential and he already ran a pro style offense.

They also have seen more of Freeman then Mark Sanchez, who many have rated as the second best quarterback in this year’s draft. He is one of three quarterbacks who can come in and start right away.

That is if your going to count Sanchez, who has only played one full season in college. While Freeman would be better off sitting a year and learning an offense, he is exactly like many quarterbacks, who can still start from their rookie year and be productive.

I could see him going 20th overall to the Detroit Lions. If he falls past the first two teams I mentioned.

The Combine

At the Combine, he wowed owners and general manager with his 4.97 40-yard time tied for 14th best, but he also is 6’6" and 250 lbs.

He had the second best vertical jump behind Pat White at 33.5 inches. That is just showing how athletic he is compared to other smaller QB’s. He was accurate at the combine and showed his power arm off.

The only problem with Freeman is that he has been considered and labeled as Jamarcus Russell, who everyone already has proclaimed a bust.


The best he could be could be compared to Daunte Culpepper (Pre-Injury), Donavon McNabb, and Joe Flacco.

He is very mobil and he has that cannon arm Culpepper had while he still is accurate. Freeman is also like Flacco in how they both went to smaller schools and they are both 6-6.

All three of these quarterbacks have cannon arms, while they still having the accuracy to get the ball out on time. They can run around if they need to and they can make people miss in the pocket. The NFL is looking for types of QB’s who can run around and make people miss tackles in the pocket.

Let’s take an example of Big Ben of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They all want a quarterback, who knows how to get it done, and I feel Josh Freeman can do that. The main thing he can do is extend a play exactly like Ben Roethlisberger.

At worst he could be Bryon Leftwitch, without the long release.

Leftwitch is not that bad at all. He had a few injuries that slowed down his career, but he is a QB who can still start. He had some very produce years early on. They both have cannon arms and the large body with decent accuracy. Leftwitch was a high pick exactly like Josh Freeman is expected to be.

The problem with Freeman is that he might get the ball out a little late. That is exactly what happened to Leftwitch with his long release. I think Freeman could become Leftwitch, without his long release because he does not bring the ball down to his side and then throw the ball like Leftwitch did.


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