Why The Lions Should Not Draft Matthew Stafford

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2009

With the first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions...do not pick Matthew Stafford.

As we all know, the Detroit Lions have the first pick of the NFL Draft after having one of the worst seasons in NFL History.

With the first pick of the draft it would be horrendous to pick Stafford or any other quarterback in this year's draft. This is one of the worst recent draft classes for QBs.

The Lions cannot draft a quarterback when they have a horrible offensive line. The O-line is one of the biggest things they need to work on.

A strong offensive line stops the quarterback from being sacked, rushing plays, and throwing interceptions.

That is why I suggest that the Detroit Lions should draft Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe.

Yes, I know, "Offensive line? We need a QB!"

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Well, sorry to tell you, but a great QB being rushed all the time leads to bad decisions and injuries.

Know why Brady and Manning are two of the best QB's in the game? They have skill, yes, but they also have good offensive lines.

This is why they hardly ever need to rush plays and they consistently show up in games and make themselves heard.

Stafford could provide leadership but is he really a good choice for an awful team?

Sure, Matt Ryan was drafted last year and he brought his team to the playoffs, but even he had a semi-capable offensive line, and he is more skilled than Stafford.

Stafford should not be drafted by the Lions.

Agree or disagree?

Look at last years first pick in Jake Long, the OT for the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins had a bad season and gave up a lot of sacks, they take Jake Long and they have a winning record and get to the playoffs.

They passed Matt Ryan because even they knew they needed a good O-line to protect the QB.

In most cases the quarterback is the leader of the team and if they are sacked and constantly rushed then they have a harder time leading the team.

The Patriots lost their last Super Bowl because the Giants had a consistent pass rush that threw Brady off balance and caused him to play under his ability.

If the Lions take Stafford, expect another losing season to a losing franchise.