Fire Millen.com Goes Quietly

Seattle Lion FanAnalyst IIMarch 15, 2009

On Friday the 13th, www.firemillen.com went quietly away. Fittingly, the site closed down on a day related to bad luck.

Some of you may know that I got my start in the blogging world on this site.  Mike McCune, aka The Bear, started the site in 2006 after yet another disastrous draft and the fact the Millen received a $5 million, five-year contract extension despite never having a winning record.

There were many ideas born on that site in an attempt to implore William Clay Ford, Sr. to do the right thing and fire Millen. There was the Orange out on the last game of the season in 2007 where Lions fan showed up in Cincinnati colors. 

There was the aide in assembling the Millen Man march where many football fans walked the streets protesting Millen's ineptness as a general manager.

My favorite was one that never came about: Suing the Detroit Lions for breach of contract. The premise was the Lions are obligated to put the best product on the field which in turn the fans were obligated to show up and support the team. 

Naturally, the fans felt they had been doing their share for many years as William Clay Ford teased the fans by barely meeting those conditions.

Cooler heads prevailed and it was assumed that the case would have been thrown out.  Still, others wanted to pursue it just for publicity's sake.

The Fire Millen site meant a lot to me.  Even though I wasn't a founding member, I did contribute a lot of articles and opinions at the invitation of Mike McCune. In a way, I have him to thank for getting me started.

It also allowed a connection to the place where I grew up, Detroit, as well as connecting to my hometown team, the Lions.

Even though I have lived in the Northwest for the past 20 years, I always looked for any updates on the Lions during the NFL season...and of course, every Thanksgiving at 9:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, I watched the annual Thanksgiving day game. 

It was my one chance to see my team on national TV since so often, they were never good enough to generate interest to be nationally televised any other day.

Since Mike decided to shut down the site since our objective was met, I searched far and wide for a community that was similar to Fire Millen. I came across the Bleacher Report almost by accident.

I had figured I would find a site strictly dedicated to the Lions. After looking over the Bleacher Report, I came to a conclusion: Why should I limit myself to just one team?

So far, the majority of my 30+ articles have been about the Lions.  They are my passion, the one team that I cheer for the most. I do enjoy watching the Seattle Seahawks and last year was painful as the two teams I rooted for went a collective 4-28. 

But each team has gone under some significant changes with new head coaches and hopefully, productive seasons.

Most of you may not have been aware of the Fire Millen site...but I felt it was my duty to honor it's end and to say thank you to Mike McCune for giving me my start.


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