Is Jay Cutler's House for Sale a Sign?

Josh SatlerAnalyst IMarch 15, 2009

Apparently Broncos QB, Jay Cutler, has put his house in Denver up for sale.

Is this a sign that an imminent change is on the horizon? Probably not.

Although it blew up in McDaniels' face, dealing Cutler for Cassel would have been the only move that made sense because Cassel is not a rookie and at least of some body of work to measure against. There are as many, if not more rookie QBs that don't pan out as there are that do; see Alex Smith, Vince Young, JP Losman, Matt Leinart, etc.

It's obvious why McDaniels wanted Cassel having coached him and the familiarity factor, but I think the Chiefs are in for a rude awakening when they find out that he's not their long term answer at QB. That is of course unless Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and the Patriots system were involved in the trade too...

So as things stand now, Denver's got a pissed off QB on its hands and is looking for ways to deal with the situation.

I can understand Cutler's frustration and think it would have been prudent for the Bronco's front office to have informed the team when McDaniels was hired that no player's job was safe, or something of that nature. Thus, their franchise QB wouldn't have felt like McDaniels had just committed an act treachery.

But Cutler needs to move past this. The bottom line is he's a young, emerging player at the QB position who's a gun slinger that relies on his arm too much, and this gets him into problems.

And if there's one thing we know about New England, and the system McDaniels was groomed in, is they want someone who is smart with the ball and doesn't turn it over.  Brady gave this to them in 2001 and then once they realized what they had on their hands, they unleashed his potential in 2003 and he's been the best in the NFL since.

But back to the for sale sign on his house for the moment.

With Shanahan gone, and the likelihood of him re-signing in 2012 about as good as the American Auto Industry making a comeback in its current form, he probably figures there's no need to keep a home in Denver when he's got a few more years at most in area.

Will it happen sooner? It could, but again, the odds are low. The realities of the NFL are such that you can't win without a starting QB. The Lions have tried it for years and we see how that's played out.

The seasons that Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco enjoyed in '08 might provide hope, but if you're a stats guy and playing percentages, dealing a proven QB for a rookie will nine times out of 10 likely blow up in your face.

Kind of like pissing off your most recognizable player by dangling him as trade bait.


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