TJ's Quick Hits: The AFC South Edition

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IMarch 15, 2009

Houston Texans

I've always liked the Texans for some reason, maybe it's the defensive line or maybe it's the fact that they never get credit because they've played in a tough division.

Granted, they haven't made the playoffs since they became a team but at the same time you could chalk that up to the division they played in which was essentially ruled by the Indianapolis Colts up until this past year when the Tennessee Titans took control.

The Texans will find their way into the Wild Card round sooner or later though.

And just a side note, do these guys have fans? I've only met one in my life.

Indianapolis Colts

Ah. The Indianapolis Peyton Mannings.

Manning's a great quarterback, no one can argue that. I've at times questioned his composure and leadership though. In the 2005 playoffs, after losing to the Steelers (ha) he threw his offensive line under the bus saying "We had some protection problems." He's also called out tight end Dallas Clark for not pulling in a pass that was clearly overthrown.

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At the same time though, he's led his team to a Super Bowl and his positives far outweigh his negatives.

I actually felt bad for Peyton last year after his knee surgery, I mean, his speed was always something that was his pride and joy and it just got taken away from him. That blazing 40 yard dash time of five minutes, 37 seconds was simply phenomenal.

Losing Marvin Harrison was a necessary evil for the Colts. He was aging and slowing down after his own knee surgery. Anthony Gonzalez is perfectly capable of being the No. 2 receiver and is already Manning's favorite third down target.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Not many people know this but the Jaguars were actually my pre-season favorites to win the Super Bowl last year.

So what happened? Injuries? Fred Taylor's obvious decline prior to his own season ending injury? David Garrard actually throwing interceptions? Or was it Matt Jones fondness for the nose candy?

I mean come on, cocaine in Florida? That is so cliche.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a testament to every short football player out there. You too can make Shawne Merriman look bad on the goal line if you just believe.

Tennessee Titans

Man, did they choke or what?

Kerry Collins, world renowned game manager turns it over time after time to send the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC Championship game.

To their credit though, they made the right choice in picking Chris Johnson. Kid's a stud. Perfect compliment of speed and power. Only a matter of time before they phase LenDale White out of the game plan completely.

Not to steal a line from a commentator or anything but the "Tropical Depression Vince" comment was probably the funniest one that I've heard in a long time. There's actually a hilarious Youtube video poking fun at Vince Young, search for "Vince Young Suicide Hotline."

For now though, he'll be holding a clipboard.

That leads us to them having virtually no No. 1 receiver. Sure they have someone listed as the No. 1 receiver but...come on.

They need to pick up a good receiver either from the draft or via free agency.

Their defense is aging somewhat but they're still great.

Not to mention the fact that they made absolutely the best call in the Albert Haynesworth situation. They have players ready to step in and take his spot. Just ask Ben Roethlisberger about some of the backup defensive linemen that the Titans have.