What Redding Brings to Seattle Seahawks

NFL News And RumorsAnalyst IMarch 15, 2009

The Seahawks just recently completed a trade that sent Pro Bowl LB Julian Peterson to the Detroit Lions (Sorry JP, no playoffs for you) for Cory Redding, a Former Pro-Bowl DT, and a fifth round pick, which makes up for the Colbert disaster (funny thing is he played for the Lions last year)

I was a critic to this move until I realized its potential brilliance, by trading Peterson we pick up a Pro- Bowl Caliber DT to pair with Brandon Mebane, and Patrick Kerney, and allows us to slide our projected starter who we picked up in free agency, Colin Cole, to a rotational status along with Craig Terrill, and Red Bryant.

This trade turns a weakness into a strength. We now have a D-line that consists of Kerney, Mebane, Cole, Redding, Daryl Tapp, Lawrence Jackson, Craig Terrill, and Red Bryant, all but one have starting experience.

What most fans, critics, writers, don't seem to consider is that Redding started his career out as a DE, something that was largely absent when Kerney was off the field.

I think a tandem of Jackson/Tapp at one side is somewhat effective, but pairing Kerney and Redding as DE's while having Mebane and Cole in the middle gives the Seahawks a very good defensive line.

Correct me if im wrong, but we now have two pro bowlers on our line with a 335 run stuffer who draws double teams, and Mebane who just continues to improve and is developing into a top flight DT.

One may look at Redding's performance since he signed that nice fatty contract after his breakout year and may say...are you crazy? But you have to remember he was playing for the Detroit Lions, who would not have stayed with some NFL practice squads last year.

He did not have a supporting cast around him, yes he had former Seahawk Chuck Darby, and Dewayne White, but Darby is no Mebane, and is not as big and psychical as Cole, and White is nothing compared to Kerney, not even close.

In Seattle, he will have a better supporting cast, which should allow him to thrive, especially in a system that has fast players behind him, and in a system that is going to attack, attack, attack, under Jim Mora.

That's just what he brings, not the potential brilliance of the JP trade, that would be the Seahawks drafting Aaron Curry, and forming THE top trio of linebackers in the entire league (if of course he does not pull a Lamar King, Rick Mirer, Dan McGwire, etc).

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Now, since people will disagree with that statement, if you choose to comment this article, please justify to me a LB trio that is first of all better, and most importantly younger, then what the trio would be consisting of Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, and Aaron Curry, because simply, there is not one

Interesting pick-up that surely shakes up the draft, and will surely have Seahawk fans hoping for Roger Godell to be calling out Aaron Curry, and Seahawks, in the same sentence, come draft day, if not, Derrick Brooks anyone?

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