10 of the Most Iconic Goal Celebrations in World Football

Sam Tighe@@stighefootballWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterNovember 1, 2012

10 of the Most Iconic Goal Celebrations in World Football

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    It's no longer acceptable to celebrate goals with a fist pump and a smileyou've got to do something dangerous, hilarious or noteworthy.

    Be it dancing in the corner, celebrating new life or acrobatic wonderments, Bleacher Report brings you 10 of the most iconic celebrations the modern game knows.

    Feel free to add yours in the comments below and enjoy the slideshow!

Roger Milla

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    Roger Milla is the man who started it all, so it only seems fitting to begin with him.

    His iconic dance around the corner flag during the 1990 World Cup finals was the catalyst for many of the outlandish celebrations we enjoy today with regularity.

    Before this delightful Cameroonian, football was almost devoid of light-hearted acts such as this.

Robbie Keane

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    The Robbie Keane cartwheel, roll and shoot is so famous that you can do it on the FIFA series—it just looks weird when you accidentally do it as Wayne Rooney.

    He does this after every goal, and he's played for a lot of teams. For that reason, pretty much the entire world has been partial to this classic.

Eric Cantona

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    In 1996, Sunderland were the victims of one of the most glorious goals the English Premier League has ever seen.

    Not only was the strike from Eric Cantona pure quality, his celebration—or lack of—was just as eyebrow-raising.

    This is just typical of the mercurial Frenchman.


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    When Nani arrived in the English Premier League from Sporting, no one quite knew what Manchester United were getting.

    While goals, trickery and flair were definitely expected, an incredible back flip celebration to accompany important goals was not.

    He doesn't do it every time, though. He keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Tshabalala and Co.

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    The 2010 World Cup was an event that saw millions of neutrals get behind lowly hosts South Africa.

    In the tournament opener, Siphiwe Tshabalala steamed down the left and fired an absolute bullet into the top right corner.

    Is this a South African version of the Macarena dance, or something entirely different? Either way, it brought smiles to a lot of people.

The Cradle

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    A team will always celebrate the birth of a new child.

    When the next goal goes in, several players will conduct a synchronised cradle swing with their arms to signify one member of the squad has welcomed a new life.

    The picture shows Gareth Bale moments before he does the cradle swing, as he is the most recent English Premier League star to have a baby.

Cristiano Lucarelli

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    Not an awful lot to say about this one other than watch the video and enjoy Cristiano Lucarelli's banter.

    Thankfully, this doesn't happen very often at all.

Peter Crouch

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    The dance that makes the entirety of England—and the world—cringe.

    The robot.

    This celebration is now affectionately named "Robocrouch," and while he doesn't bust it out too often, it's pretty obvious he doesn't practice between exhibitions.

    It's painfully poor every time.

Tim Cahill

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    Pretty much any celebration carried out by the corner flag attracts your attention, but Tim Cahill's boxing combo is known worldwide.

    The video outlines his moves, and while Mikel Arteta may mock, I don't see him coming up with anything better.

    With the Aussie now plying his trade with the New York Red Bulls, U.S. fans can look forward to this with regularity.

Shirt over the Head

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    It doesn't happen much anymore—perhaps there were too many injuries—but the old shirt-over-your-head celebration was the thing to do in the 1990s.

    It didn't even involve wearing an undergarment with some silly message on it, it was self-imposed blindness with an exposed chest.


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