Jerry Jones Strikes Back: Cowboys Owner/GM Makes Same Mistake After Reset Button

Rad PonteContributor IMarch 13, 2009

It was just over a week ago that the Dallas Cowboys released star wide receiver Terrell Owens.  Shortly after, the Cowboys also released safety Roy Williams. 

With these releases, along with that of Adam “Pac-man” Jones, all signs appeared to be pointing toward a very good thing for fans of the "Big D." Owner Jerry Jones had finally admitted to himself that there was a problem with locker room chemistry! 

As a longtime fan of the Cowboys, it was a great moment for me when I realized that Jones had come around.  Knowing the talent on Jerry’s roster, and hanging the hope of a united locker room in 2009, I was instantly thinking, "Super Bowl!" (I know it's an over-reaction, but like I said, I am a Cowboys fan, and it goes with the territory.)

But after a mere five days of happiness, Jerry Jones took it all away.

The Dallas Cowboys signed Gerald Sensabaugh.  My first thought was “Who is Gerald Sensa...what’s his last name again?” This being the case, I decided to get on the Google machine and see what kind of player Jones brought in to compete for the starting strong safety job.

I typed his name in the search bar, and the suggestions came down in the little drop box. The first listing: “Gerald Sensabaugh AK-47." The next was “Gerald Sensabaugh arrested.” 

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This discovery immediately put my dreams of a Super Bowl on hold.

It turns out Sensabaugh has been arrested at least three times in his last four NFL seasons.  His most recent arrest was just last February, when he was pulled over for driving with a suspended license. The arresting officers found three guns in the trunk of his car, including an AK-47. 

I don’t have a problem with people carrying guns for self-defense, but who really needs an AK-47 with them at all times?

This is obviously Jerry’s kind of guy. This is the guy that is going to bring the media back to Valley Ranch!

After all, half of the daily media crew was at Valley Ranch to follow Terrell Owens, not the Cowboys. Many of them are headed north to await the impending disaster in Buffalo

The other half of the daily media crew simply realize that with Owens, Williams, and Pac-man gone, this might be a good time to take a much needed break.  After all, reporters on the Dallas Cowboys beat don’t usually get much time to rest in the offseason.

Jerry was obviously unhappy with the absence of “drama” at Valley Ranch for those five days (Jerry calls it "drama," most people call it "distraction").  I can only imagine his disappointment, when on the third day of the post-Owens era, there was considerably less talk of his team on any of the national sports shows.  He knew that the Buffalo Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, had stolen his spotlight.

Determined to get back his headline position, Jones went out and bought himself some drama.

I don’t mean to bash on Gerald Sensabaugh. I don’t know a lot about him other than what I have read.  He may very well be a great locker room guy and a natural born leader.  I just think that we could have found another great teammate and leader without all the extra baggage.

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