Oakland Insider: Why Marvin Harrison Is A Good Fit For The Oakland Raiders

Farris GunningCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Part II of the search for a substantial WR in Oakland continues.

The first report came in about Anquan Boldin. Great reads and comments; thanks to all. Now, we are going to look at Marvin Harrison, a free agent who is looking to keep playing in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders should take a long hard look at this man. 

Harrison has been an amazing receiver in the NFL for quite some time. In Indianapolis, he  amassed over 14,000 yards and over 125 touchdowns. He has been to the Pro Bowl eight times and also holds the NFL record for receptions in a single season with 143, set in 2002.

Harrison will bring many things to the Silver and Black if able to. He brings great experience, abilities, and leadership. Harrison's character has rarely been in question, on or off the field.

He can lead the young players and show them what it takes to be winners. Oh, and he also brings the object that only elite players obtain...a Super Bowl ring.

Harrison has played when times were tough and when times were great, so he has the experience of both. 

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His abilities are hard to match. Yes, he has slowed down a bit due to his age and time in the NFL, but his hands are still magnificent. Short passes are no problem, and if you let him by you, he still has some juice in the tank.

The Oakland Raiders could use him right away. Not only would he help mentor the young WRs, but JaMarcus Russell could use a go-to receiver. As an add-on, picture the Raiders bringing on Tim Brown as the WR coach. The receiving corps would improve greatly.

The Raiders are getting very close to becoming a formidable team and this would be the icing on the cake. Taking Harrison from FA will also allow the draft to be used on linemen, which is a huge hole for the Raiders.

So, can Oakland acquire this Hall of Famer? Let's hope so.

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