Detroit Lions To Trade First Pick in NFL Draft to Denver Broncos for Jay Cutler

Chris OryCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Jay Cutler to become Lion? Is this what Denver really wants?

At the start of the free agent signing period, there was talk of a Jay Cutler trade that failed. The result of this has become a massive falling out with Denver.

Why would Denver risk losing a franchise quarterback for a one-year wonder? Matt Cassel showed he could run an offense last year,  but what quarterback could not run an offense with Randy Moss and Wes Welker to throw to. This is not intended to put Matt Cassel down in anyway, but to ask Denver why it would ruin a relationship with a Pro Bowl quarterback.

Now, with all the drama the past two weeks, the question arises: Does Cutler now want to be traded? A possible trade could be if the Lions could bring Cutler there for their first overall draft pick. Denver could then get a fresh start with a new quarterback if they propose this trade.

Though Cutler is having troubles with the new head coach Josh McDaniels, Denver is used to having coach and quarterback troubles. Remember John Elway and the Dan Reeves feud?

The Lions would have a franchise quarterback in Cutler and he would feel like he had something to prove. Nothing better then seeing a quarterback play with a chip on his shoulder. Drew Brees showed that to the world in 2006 after San Diego decided to part ways with him.

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Some may say that this could not happen, but Matt Cassel left the Patriots for only a second round draft pick. So Mcdaniels could have Cutler gone easily for the first pick in the draft.

What better player for the Lions to bring in than a proven quarterback in the NFL versus an unproven rookie. What better way for Denver to start over than with a new head coach and a top prospect quarterback.

Cutler at least deserves the chance to play for a team that wants him. He is a role model for kids and adults that suffer from health problems to which they have little to no control over. He shows them that there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you set your heart to.