Mile High Problem Brewing in Denver

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IMarch 13, 2009

Any hope that the Denver Broncos had in finally finding a young quarterback in Jay Cutler to replace the great John Elway has most likely come to an end as new Broncos' coach Josh McDaniels has completely gotten off on the wrong foot by letting it slip that the Broncos were definitely interested in trying to acquire Matt Cassel in a three-team trade that would have sent the former New England Patriots quarterback to Denver; sending Cutler to either the Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Oops number one is that the Broncos never did pull off this deal, and now, with the information being leaked that McDaniels did not consider Cutler his quarterback of choice, bridges have been burned.


Even if Cutler would have taken this news with a grain of salt and shrugged it off professionally, (it is no secret that Cutler is very upset), it will play in the back of his head that the Broncos were trying to replace him.


Mind you, we are not talking about Elway here, we are talking about a 25-year-old who just passed for 4,526 yards and 25 touchdowns.


Talk about throwing a rusty-wrench into Cutler's self-confidence, which he most definitely needs in his continuous development in trying to become the best quarterback that Cutler can be.


I am sure that Denver is wishing that this is the only problem that could have possibly arisen from this situation, but it is not.


Oops number two is that team management, along with McDaniels, tried to have a conference call meeting with Cutler to try and hash things out. Are you serious?


The face and key player of their franchise is knowingly hurt and feeling crossed and all management would do to clear things up is dial a phone and have a conversation?


No offense to Mike Ilitch, the owner of Little Caesar's pizza, but I am guessing that some of his $5 Hot-N-Ready pizzas made it to Cutler during the meeting. No filet mignon.


Denver had already screwed up leaking the trade information, they know Cutler is hurt emotionally, yet would not make the flight to go and try and right things with Cutler.


They chose to take the easy path and for the city of Denver, that is a shame. But, the Oops' does not stop there!


Oops number three is management trying to come out and say that the Broncos have no interest in trying to trade him.


I am not an intellectual scholar like some, but when you come out talking about trying to replace Cutler with Cassel, you can't also come out and say that you have no interest in moving Cutler.


Sure they may not want to trade him now, but they did. Now Cutler may not show up to voluntary workouts Monday as he has no trust in his new coach. Can you blame him? No. Is this good for the Broncos? No.


Can both parties make up and get on the same page again? Probably not. Is something going to have to be done? Absolutely.


So what needs to be done? Either some serious butt kissing, which obviously won't happen, so they will either have to live with a disgruntled quarterback, (not good when you are a very solid team looking to win it all), or you have to trade him.


The likelihood is that they trade him, as I don't see them re-working his contract to satisfy what is going on in his noggin. But, now we get into another oops.


Oops number four is that they WILL NOT get back in any trade what Cutler is worth to them. Cassel would have been a veteran that would have been able to walk in and start for the team. He is not available anymore.


Now, Denver is looking at draft picks. They don't want a safety, nor a running back. They want someone that can step in and lead them.


If early indications are correct, no team with a starting quarterback that they are happy with is in the Cutler sweepstakes, so what team will be? Teams LOOKING for a quarterback.


So where does that leave Denver? Draft picks. The Lions, mentioned as one of the two teams already looking to acquire Cutler, have the first and twentieth pick of this up-and-coming draft.


The first is way too much to pay for Cutler, with all that is going on. But that is not to say that they won't dangle that out there in hopes of acquiring Cutler and someone else, either a veteran or draft pick.


The other possibility would be for the Lions to throw them their 20th straight up if there is a quarterback still on the board that Denver is interested in.


Either way, you can't replace a young quarterback with a arm like Cutler's that improved as much as he did last year and get equal return for him through trade. That is oops number five.


The Broncos need to trade Cutler, won't get what they want for him and will have to settle for the least damaging proposition. Welcome to head coaching Mr. McDaniels.


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