Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Saga: Chance Vikes Add Another QB?

Tanner ThomsSenior Analyst IMarch 12, 2009

I've heard the criticism that newly-acquired quarterback Sage Rosenfels has been getting. I, quite frankly, find it ridiculous. He's being judged far too early.

In my opinion, he is a much better quarterback than Gus Frerotte. Surprisingly, Gus won eight games for the Vikings. Is it because he's a good quarterback? Not even close. He was just somebody to run the offense for the time being.

Can you imagine the damage the Vikings could do with a slightly above average quarterback? Daunte Culpepper was the last thing that the Vikings really had at the quarterback position. After years of worthless quarterbacks, I wonder why nothing is being done.

Rosenfels was brought in for a fourth-round pick in the 2009 draft. Will he start though? There have been reports that Minnesota might be considering bringing in another quarterback to compete.

Who's left on the free-agency market?

Jeff Garcia is still without a team, and he might have to settle for a back-up job somewhere. Minnesota can get him for fairly cheap since he's running out of options. Why not a one or two-year deal for $8 million? It sounds reasonable and realistic.

J.P. Losman is on the market and his chances at a starting job right now are slim to none. His best season was in 2006 where he threw for 19 touchdowns with 14 interceptions. When you take into account the crappy offense he was working with, it's actually pretty impressive.

Kyle Boller, a former first-round pick, still has a hint of potential. His days in Baltimore were very unsuccessful. His career numbers are almost even with 45 touchdowns and 44 interceptions. Nonetheless, he's only 27 years old and can still play ball.

Another former first-round pick, Byron Leftwich wants to be a starter in this league. His days with the Jaguars were unimpressive, but in his short time with the Steelers, he managed to play his heart out. He's only 29 years old, and has 54 career touchdowns. In some ways he reminds me a lot of Culpepper.

Last but certainly least is Rex Grossman. After several chances to redeem himself with the Bears, Rex is finally gone. Believe it or not, he has more career interceptions than touchdowns. How pathetic is that? The only real accomplishment to his name right now is that he started in a Super Bowl. Get over it. The defense carried practically the entire team by themselves.

These are five examples of quarterbacks that the Vikings could look to bring it. If they want to make a move, they had better act fast. Garcia will not be around forever. Neither will any of the rest. They could all come cheap and potentially lead the vikings to their first ever Super Bowl.

As I mentioned earlier, the Bears offense sucked when they went to the Super Bowl, but the defense was great. Minnesota has a good running game and a couple good receivers. Not to mention that they have a young and talented defense. I'm keeping the faith here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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