Terrelll Owens: He Is Valuable To Every Team

andy munger@@Andrewmunger11Correspondent IMarch 12, 2009

I couldn't believe so many teams passed on Terrell Owens.

I knew the Chicago Bears would never want a superstar like T.O. on their offense.

Terrell has shown over and over that he can join another team and make an immediate impact.

All those people who despise Terrell would be the first to cheer him on if he joined their team and started his usual performance.

I don't know where these detractors are coming from, except not liking an outspoken athlete.

People have to deal with the athletes who are different people, just like people in the real world do on a daily basis. Some people feel the need to express themselves over situations and as long as he scores touchdowns, that is all that matters.

The fact is, Terrell is a tremendous talent at the most important offensive position for the big play.

Having a deep threat opens your ground game, and there are not many great wide receivers in the NFL today.

I am sure Terrell did not prefer to play for the Buffalo Bills, but I am also sure he will have an immediate impact on the team's success.

Brett Favre made an immediate impact with the Jets, so why can't T.O. do the same with the Bills?

With the addition of T.O. alone, The Bills will be in the playoff hunt and challenge for the division.

I look forward to seeing Terrell prove his detractors wrong and succeeding in Buffalo this season.


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