Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning: Success Vs. Statistics

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMarch 12, 2009

For a while now I have been hearing that it is a two-quarterback league. Those two QBs are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Despite having many other good QBs, those two apparently are the only ones getting attention.

Rightfully so, but who is the best really? Sure, we are going to get homer picks, like Indianapolis fans will choose Manning, and anyone in the sound of the Boston or New England area will say Tom Brady.

They both are about even when it comes to TV appearances, which help fanhood. Of course, both have hosted SNL and have done commercials, although Manning does lead in commercial count.

But I could care less about that. Only non-football fans or fans of those particular people really do.

I care more about what is done on the field. Who has been the most productive? Who is going to be the King in the end?

Both are future Hall of Famers, of course, so we can forget the fact that one will not get in. Both are around the same age, a little in between of course, so we don't have to look at in that sense, like one is getting older so he isn't better or anything. Both are about even when it comes to that too.

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Manning now has three NFL MVP awards. Only Brett Favre has that many MVP awards. Also he is a one-time Super Bowl MVP and winner.

Meanwhile, Brady has one NFL MVP award, the most TDs in one regular season, and is a three-time Super Bowl winner and two-time Super Bowl MVP.

So when it comes to individual awards, Manning is King. But Brady has the team awards going on along with doing well for himself.

Now breaking down everything else

When it comes to what someone can do with what they have, you have to say Brady is King there. Until 2007, Brady did not have a really good wide receiver. He had guys like Deion Branch and Troy Brown, but they were not Pro Bowlers really.

Branch became one with Brady, and Brown was not really a wonderful wideout until Brady came in.

The fact is that Brady used what he had and did well. He won three Super Bowls with them. Most recently has been in four, not to mention the only 16-0 regular season in NFL history.

Now the Pats did fall in 2007-08 to the Giants, but were 18-1 doing it. No other team has gotten to 18 wins before. Brady quarterbacked that team, not Manning, once again proving that it is a team sport, not individual.

Now Manning is a team guy too, not to knock him or anything. But when it comes down to it, it is about what Manning can do, Not what the Indianapolis Colts can do.

Brady had a defense to help him get the ball and score. Manning never had that, so you can't blame him for taking over so much.

Well, Manning didn't until the 2005-06 playoffs at least. It seemed that they came alive then. But then went anemic after the Super Bowl win...again.

Brady will always have a good defense, so his whole team may be better. But when you stand out and make sure the offense scores, that is not on the defense—that is on you.

So Brady is the reason they have gotten so far over the years, and then "he" won the Super Bowls, not the defense really.

Manning, when he won the Super Bowl, had a defense that played superior. He didn't have the greatest game of all time himself.

Overall in the Super Bowls Brady has been in, he has had superior games at the QB position. Plus he has gotten to four of them to Manning's one.

Now this may be the reason most consider Brady to be better.

You have to think Manning has had Pro Bowl wideouts in his career. As I mentioned Brady has not until the '07-08 season, so you have to think about that.

So when it is all said and done, do we judge the QB on success or the stats? Brady's best season in TDs before '07-08 was around 30. Manning has been in the 30s and has passed for at least 4,000 yards every year.

Yet he has the numbers but really as much success. It all depends in the end of what your opinion is, whether you judge stats or success.

Personally I judge by success, and that has to go to Tom Brady.


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