Will Brock Berlin Have a Chance to Prove He's As Talented As Marc Bulger?

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent IMarch 12, 2009

With the release of Trent Green, Brock Berlin moved into the No. 2 spot behind Marc Bulger. He shares many similarities with Bulger. Both spent time on the Rams' practice squad and as a third string quarterback, the only difference being that Bulger became a starter after exclamatory performance. Berlin has yet to play for any significant time to judge his performance.

Besides performance, the only other difference would be the Saints drafted Bulger in the sixth round in 2000, while Berlin signed with the Miami Dolphins as a free agent in 2005.

Before becoming the starter for the Rams, Bulger had been with them once before on their practice squad. In between these times he had a spot on the Atlanta Falcons' practice squad.   

After signing with Miami in 2005, Berlin would be released in August of 2005, only to be signed again in January of 2006 by Miami. He would play for the Hamburg Sea Devils of NFL Europe.  Again, Miami would release in August 2006. The following spring his luck would turn for him.

Dallas signed Berlin in April of 2007 as a free agent, and right after that he signed as a free agent with St. Louis. In December 2007, he started and played his first pro game against Cincinnati.

Oh, I found another difference—he lost his pro debut while Bulger won his.

Marc Bulger had the third quarterback spot behind Kurt Warner and Jamie Martin. Warner had lost Mike Martz's favor, while Martin went nowhere. Brock Berlin had the third spot behind Bulger and Green. Bulger has a multi-year $56 million contract with the Rams, and the Rams released Green.

Will we be able to find out if the similarities between the quarterbacks also include talent? No one can answer that question. Only an injury to Bulger or an excellent camp by Berlin would provide that answer. Also, my finger pulse on the Rams cannot tell if they will keep Berlin at the second spot or release him.

No matter what the future has for Brock Berlin, you can still see some similarities between him and Marc Bulger.


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