What Is Happening to Andre Smith?

Mark TravisCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

Andre Smith was at one point considered the best overall player to enter the 2009 NFL draft. This was before Michael Crabtree declared, of course.

Well, if you can see what Andre Smith looked like at his Pro Day today, know that those aren’t pancakes flopping under his shirt.

Most people that don’t pay that much attention to football would assume that this is how all offensive linemen look, but that is far from the case.

Most linemen, both offensive and defensive, build up fat through weight programs, and then workout to turn it into muscle. This gives them the same frame, but now they have the endurance and strength to out-duel their counterpart.

It is very obvious that Smith is not even close to being in shape.

Here are some of the scout’s views on his performance at the Alabama pro day:

"The situation has gone from bad to worse for Andre Smith. His bench press results were a pitiful 19-reps. His position work was also very mediocre. One scout has told us is it the 'worst workout he ever saw' and a number of scouts are cranky that they made the long trip to Alabama to watch the pitiful workout. A second scout has told us 'Smith lost millions of dollars.'"—TFYDraft.com

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"To put Smith’s workout in perspective, he did not post a single number that would have placed him in the top performers at his position at the combine, and many of his numbers were not even close to the top 10 at his position at the combine."—NFL.com

Other league sources stated that Smith “bombed” the workout and “lost millions” with his terrible performance.

Some are speculating that this showing will cost Smith a shot at a top 10 pick, but some are going as far as putting him out of the first round.

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