Boating Tragedy Strikes the NFL

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IMarch 12, 2009

As a staff writer for the Bruno Boys I get to enjoy writing about football all year-long. Most times it is very rewarding, knowing that we are helping the Bruno Boys Nation stay informed of the comings and goings of the players as well as being able to help round out your weekly rosters.

Unfortunately, this column has nothing enjoyable about it. But it must be said. It is a quick reminder on how unimportant fantasy football really is when tragedies like the recent boating incident.

The accident has most likely claimed three lives; Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, Detroit Lions defensive end Corey Smith (pictured), their close friend William Bleakley and nearly took another in their other close friend Nick Schuyler.

Being a Lions fan, I knew of Smith, his work ethic and such, but I really did not know the real Smith as his teammates, family and friends do. And that goes for all of these victims. It is a real eye-opener on how quickly life can take such a tragic turn while enjoying something as simple as a fishing trip.

As most concerned fans, I followed the news in hopes of hearing something positive, praying to hear that all four men that were stranded in the ocean had been found and brought to safety.

It was encouraging when Schuyler was found, clinging to the boat. It was even more so when he came out and said that earlier that morning all four men were together and the three that were missing all had life-jackets on. Unfortunately, as we all know, that was the only positive note to come out of all of this.

As time slipped by, so did the chances of survival and a real grim reality had begun to set in. These three young men who were lost out in the ocean most likely would not be found. That hypothermia had most likely set in and their lives would be lost, if they hadn't been so already.

I started to think about if this had affected me like this, how must this be playing on the minds of their friends and family? Reality then really set in.

Just a few months ago people were pulling for their fantasy football teams to make the playoffs and hopefully bring home a championship. The topic on the table would be something as simple as what kicker should be started during that week. Who could of fathomed that in a few months that none of this would really matter and a tragedy such as this would have occurred?

Now I am not saying to take fantasy football lightly, as to be honest, it is a very fun and exciting past time that a lot of people, including the Bruno Boys and Bruno Boys Nation partake in religiously every fall.

What I am suggesting though is to take some time out of your day to appreciate the people that are dear in your lives. As what happened with these young men could easily happen to any and all of us. Life is not a right, it is a privilege. Hug your kids, call up your parents and thank them for always being there. Hold open a door for a stranger or simply do something positive to make a difference in a persons' life.

It isn't hard to do and it is times like these that really remind you of how your loved ones can be taken in a heart beat.

The Bruno Boys want to give their deepest sympathies to the victims and their loved ones. You all will be in our prayers. As for all of Bruno Boys Nation, be safe throughout the offseason. And as always, come back daily as there is no offseason for the Bruno Boys.

::Article written by Bruno Boys staff writer Chris Ziza::


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