Should Denver BroncosTrade Jay Cutler? If so to Who......Detroit?

Michael BuchananContributor IMarch 12, 2009

Rumors have surfaced that the relationship between Broncos' quarterback Jay Cutler and new head coach Josh Mcdaniels has gone from "bad to worse".  Is Cutler still the guy in Denver

Since entering the league as the 11th overall pick in the 2006 draft, Cutler has been looked at as the face of the franchise in Denver. His strong arm and ability to throw on the run has made him into a Pro Bowl quarterback.

Now, with Mike Shanahan out, the new coach seems to be asserting himself early, by apparently attempting to shop Cutler in order to obtain Matt Cassel,  which didn't sit well with Cutler. 

Mcdaniels is the former offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, where Cassel emerged last season as a possible franchise quarterback.  Cassel is out of the picture now that he's been dealt to the Kansas City Chiefs. But the problem is that the damage had already been done. 

Recently,  Cutler was on a conference call with the heads (coach and owner) of the Broncos organization in order to rectify whatever was left. My first question is: if you want to keep your franchise quarterback what can you accomplish in a conference call?  Don't you fly to Nashville to meet with Cutler eye to eye?  (I.E. when the Packers were working with Favre they got on a jet and flew to Mississippi.) Not to say Cutler is Favre. 

This has resulted in a war of words.  Culter maintains that the Broncos openly sought a trade for him.  While the brass in Denver say that Cutler requested a trade after Shanahan was fired. 

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Mcdaniels may just believe that if he can use Cassel and succeed then he can put anybody in his system and win. This is rare.  Choosing the system over the player, especially a quarterback.

Either way the questions remain.  Will Cutler be in Denver next year?  Do you trade Cutler and if so, to who?  Will Cutler even show up for offseason training this upcoming week?

I offer this: Detroit should trade the No. 1 overall pick and something on the side to Denver for Cutler.  Cutler's arm with Calvin Johnson's size and speed....DEADLY.  Remember this is a Lions team that went 7-9 just two years ago. Not saying that next season they will be even .500.  But with a quarterback who has played in the league and can play, they have a much better chance than with Matthew Stafford, the projected No.1 overall draft pick. 

Why not? If Mcdaniels is so confident that his system can work with any semi-capable quarterback then try it out.  The Broncos just signed Chris Simms. Who was at one point a stater in the league. They have viable weapons in Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal.

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