Breaking Down Eagles Rumors: Holt, Pace, and Weaver

Jeff DanzigerCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

Each rumor will be graded on a 1-10 scale of possibility (10 being the most possible, 1 being the least).

1. Torry Holt could land in Philly?

This rumor started as soon as word hit that the Rams were shopping Holt. It is already known that Holt won’t be playing in St. Louis next season, the only question is: Will he be released or traded?

Holt would be an excellent fit in Philadelphia. The fans (and apparently McNabb) have been begging for a wide receiver since they saw what Terrell Owens did with them in 2004.

Holt will be 33-years-old at the start of the season, only two years older than T.J. Houshmandzadeh and about 10 times more productive throughout his career. Some people argue that Holt is on the down side of his career, and looking at his numbers this season may cause some of you to agree.

In reality, Holt’s numbers were at career lows in most categories, but he was also playing on the lowly St. Louis Rams. A change of scenery (as well as quarterback) will do Holt good. The nation saw what McNabb can do with a No. 1 receiver in 2004, and Holt could be the next guy. Holt has at least two years left of productive football in him, maybe even a third if he stays healthy.

Possibility: 8

2. The Eagles have interest in Orlando Pace?

As you may know by now, Orlando Pace was cut Tuesday by the St. Louis Rams. With the O-line being one of the Eagles' biggest concerns, they could use the presence of a seven-time pro bowler such as Pace. As much as the Eagles might need help on the line, Pace won’t be the answer.

The Eagles being interested in Pace would go completely against the franchise's philosophy in the past decade: purge the team of ageing veterans. With the Eagles already letting Dawkins, their heart and soul, sign with another team, as well as Tra Thomas (who is only a year older than Pace) it would be very confusing if they were to sign an old player such as Pace.

Not only is Pace on the older side, but he has had injury trouble over the past three seasons. Pace has played only 23 games over the span of the last three seasons. For those of you who are lacking in math skills, that means Pace has played in only 50 percent of the games over the past three years.

Don’t expect to see Pace in midnight green next season.

Possibility: 2

3. Fullback Leonard Weaver could become an Eagle?

This may be the most possible of all the rumors. The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t really had a fullback in over a decade. They have never felt the need for one. It’s about time the Eagles open their eyes and realize that a FB might do them some good.

Weaver is an excellent receiving FB and would fit into the offense nicely because he is already familiar with the west coast scheme. The Eagles love to throw screens to the FB; the only problem is that Dan Klecko can barely run, let alone catch a ball in stride.

If Weaver signed, it would be a huge upgrade from Klecko (who isn’t really an FB anyway) and would open up things for the offense. With Westbrook and Weaver both being screen threats, it would open up the middle for Celek and whatever TE they draft (cross your fingers for Pettigrew).

The only minus to Weaver is that he isn’t the best blocker. The Eagles could use another body to help block for Westbrook, who struggled as a result of poor blocking.

Possibility: 9


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