Denver Broncos: Is Losing Jay Cutler Becoming More Real by the Day?

Jen PrestonSenior Analyst IMarch 11, 2009

Jay Cutler's foul mood toward new head coach Josh McDaniels has the Mile High City feeling pretty low. And from new reports, things aren't getting any better.

When the Broncos' franchise quarterback met with his coaching staff, he was reportedly "unmoved," even though the team is reporting that things went well.

According to a close source talking to the Denver Post, Cutler feels the Broncos blame him for the controversy caused around trade rumors involving McDaniels trying to trade him to acquire former Patriot Matt Cassel.

In fact, the Denver Post also reports that Cutler says he's debating on whether or not to go to offseason workouts, which begin Monday.

“Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler spoke on a conference call Monday and the Broncos look forward to talking to Jay in the future and certainly face to face," spokesman Jim Saccamano said in a statement.

While ESPN is reporting that the Broncos won't confirm or deny that they shopped their Pro-Bowl quarterback, they did tell him "that every player on the team could be traded and he could be traded at any time."

A source also told the sports network that McDaniels and Cutler had no problems until trade rumors came out, and that "trust is Cutler's biggest problem with McDaniels and the organization."

Cutler is believed to be wanting a trade if his team of three years—his entire NFL career—aren't willing to commit long term to him. He has three years left on his contract.

If anything, the Broncos need to do anything they can to make sure Cutler can trust them.

The Detroit Lions, meanwhile, are reportedly very interested in the former Vanderbilt star.

With tensions still high between QB and coach, not to mention Cutler will be without favorite target Brandon Marshall part of the year, things could be getting very rocky in Dove Valley.

Thanks to NFL Network, the Denver Post, ESPN, Associated Content, and Mlive.com for the information and quotes in this story.


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