Oakland Raiders! It's Obvious What We're Doing

Jake GipsonContributor IMarch 11, 2009

Oakland Raiders! It’s obvious what we’re doing...

At this stage in the game, there are only a few moves left to make.

Just weeks ago, we had all the opportunities in the world, but today things are limited. Our free-agent acquisitions (nearly none) and workouts really have shown what our coaches (and Al Davis) intend to do this offseason.

This actually really is a great situation for us to be in. How many of us had our fingers crossed hoping that we didn’t sign Haynesworth (and then Owens) to mega-contracts?

We’ve done the smart thing now and waited things out so that we can get some true “value” playmakers.

There is no way to get our money’s worth if we overpay for any player (think about last year). If we only spend minimally, then we can’t be let down and all the players can possibly do is exceed our expectations.

I don’t know if I truly believe that (it sounded good), but we had no choice this year due to cap space limitations.

Take a look at the workouts and near-signings this offseason.

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Really, all that has been done is a bit of strengthening of the O-line and restructuring existing contracts.

Does that hint at drafting an OT in the first round? Does it show that we don’t intend to sign any big contracts? Finally, how many DTs have we been pursuing?  Hmm...

Here’s what makes sense from here on out (this is not rocket science as there are only a few guys left).  These guys are still left and need to sign with someone.

Here’s where we really get the value we need, by getting quality, experienced, proven performers with leadership ability, without the hefty price tag.

Sign: Marvin Harrison (WR), Derrick Brooks (OLB), and Rodney Harrison (S) to add leadership and experience to those positions.

Sign: Khalif Barnes (OT), John Thornton (DT), and Josh Thomas (DE) to strengthen the entire team (O- and D-lines are the heart) where we need it most.

Then we put the icing on the cake in the draft that takes us up and over the division rivals, to the playoffs, and beyond!

Really, here we add the long-term playmakers who will be tutored and mature over the next two seasons to give us a definite championship-caliber team in 2010.

Round one: Either Raji or Crabtree/Maclin

Round two: Either Hood or Heyward-Bay

Rounds three and four: Get a SS, DE, and OT/G/C

Basically, what I am saying is that the Raiders will not be drafting an OT in the first two rounds. They are going to take a DT and WR for sure.

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