T.otally O.utrageous: Sports Columnists Release Terrell Owens

Satchel PageCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

I've been too pissed to write anything, though I've had a lot on my mind. To say that I was not in an adequate frame of mind to write anything coherent is an understatement. 

But as the dust settles and seconds slowly become days, reality kicks me in the butt and I have to deal with the fact that,

Terrell Owens is no longer a Cowboy.

I've been a Cowboy fan since I was six years old.  Never have I been so disappointed in upper management.  I looked away when they passed up on Randy Moss for Ebenezer Ekuban.

I cringed as they traded their first-round pick which could have been used on Drew Brees, only to draft Quincy Carter later in the second round. I kept mum as they chose not to re-sign Emmitt Smith and when they traded for Adam "Make It Rain" Jones. 

But when I heard that T.O. was released this past Thursday, I hung my head in disgust as a father would a son who has committed an act so foul, such an act would warrant no greater punishment than the utter look of disappointment from the man who helped to create him.

It's got nothing to do with him being 35 years old, or his long-documented pouting on the sidelines. If that were the true reason for him being released, then I could sleep better. 

The problem I have is that Jerry Jones's hand was forced to do something that he didn't want to do, and what shouldn't have been done. The problem I have is that Jones and his cronies in the front office allowed ESPN and sports columnists dictate their decisions.

The move was neither a smart financial move-less than a year after resigning him to a four-year contract,nor was it a smart football move. In the past three years, all three with the Cowboys, T.O. led all receivers in touchdowns with 38. 

That list of receivers includes Randy Moss, who set the record for touchdowns in a season. 

But that's doesn't make a sexy story. No, a sexy story is talking about his leading the league in drops in 2007 (forgetting the fact that he was playing with a torn tendon in his finger and catching a ball with a torn tendon is extremely painful).

A sexy story is his alleged confrontations with Tony Romo and Jason Witten. 

Journalists know that readers are more inclined to read columns filled with wild speculations and grandiose assumptions in attempt to attract attention with shock value as oppose to substance. 

As long as it remains in blogs and barbershop convos, I'm fine. But when you allow this trash into the front office it shows that you lack enough responsibility to make sound business decisions for the good of the franchise. 

The most excruciating thing of it all is the quickness in which T.O. was picked up by the Bills after all the "experts" assumed that no team had any real interest in him.

For my poker players out there, would it make sense for a team to show real desire in T.O? If any team mentions that they might have the slightest interest in Owens, then his market value raises. 

However, if you keep a tight seal on your negotiations, you get him for one year, $6.5 million. 

Hopefully, Jerry has something up his sleeve for the rest of this offseason. If not, we're looking at the bonehead move of free agency period.


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