Jay Cutler: A Quarterback Scorned

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2009

This isn't the way it was supposed to go. This is what was supposed to happen to Jake Plummer. This is what did happen to Jake Plummer. But not to Jay Cutler.

No, not like this.

ESPN and other football sites are reporting that the situation between Jay Cutler, his agent, and the Broncos front office has worsened. It's getting to the point of no return, and the word is that Cutler is so upset, that he sees no possible ending, other than a trade.

My thoughts exactly.

After rookie coach Josh McDaniels allowed information to get out that he preferred Matt Cassel, a fresh-faced former college bench warmer, over his golden boy Jay Cutler, the media began wreaking havoc on this sports story.

Neither side has been able to sleep, as McDaniels has been troubled over what he has done. But even more, what does he do if he can't talk Cutler into staying?

This is why you don't quit your job before you find a new place of employment.

This is why you don't sleep around on your girlfriend.

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This is why, dear friends, you don't try trading a franchise quarterback for a one-year wonder.

I'm not one to dabble in clichés (except for that one I just used, as well as the one I'm about to), but Josh McDaniels has officially screwed the pooch.

But it's his problem now. He's the one that has to work night and day with a disgruntled superstar, trying to appease him, trade him, cut him, or you know...keep him. He's the one trying to follow in Mike Shanahan's shoes. Not you, and not me.

So let's leave the wining and dining to the rookie coach, as we can always catch up on his latest gaff or failure on bleacherreport.com, or some other sports site featuring the top boneheaded first moves by first year coaches.

Instead, let's think like Cutler. Let's imagine we're the leader of a possibly rising team, a talented offense with solid personnel, and the world at our disposal. Then, we have it all ripped away.

The hottest girl in school just asked us to the dance, and then said, "Well, actually, never mind. I'm going with Dan." You know, Dan, the other guy she pairs up with in science class.

Let's be Jay Cutler looking for a new team.

And since it's highly unlikely that the Broncos will send a guy who can do a ton of damage to an opponent in the AFC, here are the top five most likely landing places for Cutler in the NFC, if or when, he does get dealt.

1. Detroit Lions

Who needs a cocky, yet confident young gunslinger who's out to prove he was worth a first round pick and every penny he's ever been paid? Probably just about any team, but I think the worst team in NFL history wouldn't mind landing him, either.

Forget about Matthew Stafford or Aaron Curry. Cutler is proven, and considering the Broncos will be desperate to unload him leading up to the draft, a first and mid-rounder is probably all they'll lose.

2. Minnesota Vikings

Why settle for Sage Rosenfels if you can get a younger, sulkier, less talented version of Brett Favre. Or hey, call the real Brett Favre, and maybe you can work something out with him!

But realistically, the Vikings have a ton of talent they could package in a deal to get Cutler. However, it all depends on the price, because they're not going to want to mess with the success they've already had.

This team is poised to make a serious run. Cutler could either be the missing link, or the guy they got rid of with too much talent to add to their roster.

3. Chicago Bears

Why stop at two NFC North teams when you can get a third for the same price?

This is the most quarterback starved division in the league by far, and no matter which team lands him, this kind of trade would dramatically change the scope of the entire NFC.

The Bears, while ranked third on this list, might actually be more interested than you'd think. They have a defense built to carry an average offense, and all they're waiting on is a quarterback to grow up and guide the team.

Cutler is a natural leader with enough gusto to match even Lovie Smith, and something tells me Smith wouldn't mind parting with some picks to upgrade over the less than desirable Kyle Orton.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Once Jon Gruden was out the door, so went the policy of signing or trading for any and every quarterback the front office laid their eyes on. That goes for Plummer, Favre, Jeff Garcia, and current possible starter Brian Griese.

While Luke McCown was re-signed and is an intriguing talent, it's not out of line to suggest the team isn't completely invested in their current options at the position.

They've clearly been parting ways with older players, and could look to make a gutsy move that could put them right back near the top. Cutler in pewter? Me thinks I like what I see.

5. Seattle Seahawks

It might sound crazy, but maybe a crippled Matt Hasselbeck and an erratic Seneca Wallace aren't the best stepping stones heading into the 2009 season.

No, probably not.

Jim Mora needs to start his tenure off with a bang and land this kid. Think Michael Vick, but with actual quarterback ability, and not quite as fast, elusive, or criminally minded.

All joking aside, Mora needs to be sure that whoever is guiding his team can help them hover around .500 ball in his first season, or his so-called tenure with Seattle may only last until 2010.

Honorable Mentions

The St. Louis Rams will undoubtedly show some interest, as their current two best options are Marc Bulger and Trent Green. Eek. Another NFC team that may surprise you that could get involved is the San Francisco 49ers. Yes, despite restructuring their own "franchise" quarterback's contract (Alex Smith), as well as placing so-so confidence in Shaun Hill, they could be looking to upgrade.

Mike Singletary probably isn't falling head over heels for a guy that pouts and wants all over of his current organization, though. Just remember how he felt about Vernon Davis. He wants winners, man. He wants winners.

And since it's not completely impossible for Denver to work out a trade within the AFC (just really unlikely), look for the Jets to be the main team interested.

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