Through Josh McDaniels, the Denver Broncos Have "Grown a Pair"

Sayre BedingerSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2009

Local Denver television station KCNC is reporting that disgruntled quarterback Jay Cutler finally sat down for a conference call with new head coach Josh McDaniels and owner Pat Bowlen. 

If you have heard the story once, you have heard it a thousand times.  The Denver Broncos were discussing a trade that would send Matt Cassel to the Broncos, and Jay Cutler off to Tampa Bay.  This trade fell through, and now Cutler is upset that the Broncos were "aggressively" trying to get rid of him.

The infamous "source close" to the situation with Cutler and the Broncos is now making claims that the quarterback is on even worse terms after the conference call.  Apparently, Josh McDaniels was not going to spoon-feed Cutler.

The young head coach put his foot down, and reportedly told Cutler how it was.  Any player is tradeable if it is going to be for the good of the team.  Can you disagree with that?  If the Broncos can win more games, should they trade a player?  I think so. 

Jay Cutler is no exception to the rule.  John Elway was nearly traded by Dan Reeves.  Shannon Sharpe was nearly traded by Mike Shanahan.  Jerry Rice was released.  Derrick Brooks was released.  Get a clue, Cutler.

It is being reported that McDaniels maintains he never had any intention of trading Cutler, but that teams inquired about his availability.  Cutler is at odds because he feels he is being lied to.  In fact, this "source" states that Cutler has said he would rather be traded now if the team is not going to commit to him long term. 

As one blogger put it, the inmates are no longer running the prison.  Now that the ownership and true leaders of the team are taking control, players (in this case, player) are not adjusting well to the change.  Finally, players are getting put in their place.

I do not have any idea how the conversation between the three went, but I do know this:  Cutler will be a Denver Bronco in 2009, and he will be happy about it.  He has three years left on his contract, and the last thing this team needs is his whining.

Personally, I love that the Broncos are not giving in to Cutler.  The team has been as cordial as possible about the entire situation, and as it is being reported, Cutler is being resistant.

My only question is, what is it that makes Cutler so trade-protected?  It can't be his 17-20 record as a starting quarterback. 

It couldn't possibly be the fact that the Broncos have never had a winning record or made the playoffs with him at the helm.  Could it be because only one quarterback threw more interceptions than him last season? 

Don't get me wrong, Cutler is a great young quarterback, but he has done nothing in this league to warrant the attitude he carries right now.  He made his first Pro Bowl in 2008, and set many Denver Broncos passing records. 

Granted, the defenses that the Broncos have put together to back him up have not been good at all, but his offense turned it over 17 more times than the defense was able to force a turnover.

Ultimately, Cutler will realize how foolish he is being and get back to the real issue:  bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Denver in 2009.


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