Has ESPN Gotten Too Big?

Kevin WhitesellCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

I, like many of us here on B/R, write about sports because I am passionate sports fan.

To say that sports is my religion is an understatement. It is my sanctuary—my happy place.

It was not until recently though, that I discovered the genius of B/R and what it means to people like me.

It is an open source sports network. We, the writers and editors, create the content according to our passions.

I am an editing intern and I have learned more about the EPL and cricket in two months than I ever would have watching Sportscenter for two years. So, I'm taking issue with you, O'Goliath de ESPN.

Here is my issue.

Football (American) is my favorite sport. It always has been. I have watched ESPN and Sportscenter for as long as I can remember. The two probably would have ruined my brain and original thought had it not been for other avenues of information i.e. Sirius NFL Radio and internet blogs.

The other day I was listening to Sirius NFL Radio's Moving the Chains with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan and it hit me. ESPN's has fifteen different shows that say the same thing.

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ESPN needs to get back to insightful reporting. Not just Trey Wingo, blabbing about T.O. or L.T or agreeing with Mark Schlereth. Bring in some callers—you remember those people, the fans?

Now I am not here to bash ESPN, I hope they actually read this and take note. I don't mean to borrow Ryan Alberti's famous "Just Saying, Is All" headline, but I need to here. Sorry, Ryan.

Does anybody think ESPN has gotten "TOO BIG?"

So who's with me.