Hey Terrell Owens, Welcome to the AFC East—Now Sit Down and Shut Up

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IMarch 10, 2009

So Terrell Owens gets another Cinderella season, and if he keeps his mouth shut, he could end up looking like a team saver again. The Buffalo Bills have hired a difference maker.

Statistically, Terrell Owens has outstanding production numbers. There is no denying his value as a receiver.

There has been some talk that he is on the downside of his career, but he still had a 1,000-yard season last year with the Dallas Cowboys. So even on a slow day, defenders will have to pay attention to him.

The debate is whether his disruptive nature is worth the benefits of his skills. Yes, he’s abrasive, but is he the team killer that he is made out to be?

We all love a juicy story, a torrid saga. Terrell has a way of being in the starring role of those sagas wherever he plays.

The man has a target on his back, and that target isn’t just being sought out by defensive football players. That target attracts the reporting media.

The media literally hounds the man for a statement. Any statement will do. His words are then recorded, analyzed, and regurgitated in the most unflattering way possible.

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Of course, Mr. Owens never seems to be able to moderate his statements, and that doesn't help his cause. Football fans nationwide love to hate on this man, all because he makes it to easy to do so.

He is not going to find the media in this division any kinder than anywhere else. The sharks will be in the water waiting for any hint of bad blood.

He will be well served to mind his mouth. Fans and reporters will not tolerate even a hint of negativity from him.

If you’re not a Buffalo Bills fan, you might be hoping that T.O. blows up in their face.

Are the Bills a premier team? No, but T. O. can help make them pertinent in a division where three of the four teams were fighting it out for playoff spots in the final week of the season last year.

There is no doubt in my mind that T.O. can help Trent Edwards in his progression toward becoming a franchise quarterback. Edwards needs a premier receiver like T.O. to help him build his skills and confidence.

With this offensive move, I believe the Bills can now concentrate on solidifying their defense through the draft. If that prediction comes true, then I further prognosticate that the AFC East will have four teams with 10 or more wins this year.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that all the other divisions are soft. But I am going to tell you the other conference and divisional teams playing against the AFC East are going to get brutalized.

I’m hoping that T.O. comes in and helps the Bills become competitive again. The Buffalo Bills are making the right moves to be in the hunt for the playoffs next year.

My advice to you, Terrell Owens, is to lose the rather large chip that you have been carrying around for far too long, help a team grow, and zip your lip.

I for one hope that T.O. will realize that he is in the twilight years of his career. If he does have to leave the Bills after a short stay, there just won’t be any more takers.

But it’s up to you, Mr. Owens. Welcome to the AFC East. Now sit down and shut up.

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