10 Knockout Victories to Show the New Fight Fan

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2012

10 Knockout Victories to Show the New Fight Fan

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    Knockouts in MMA are like the savory smell of a freshly baked pie that urges fans to sit down and enjoy the full-course meal.

    In other words, it's what brings new fans to the sport, and though submissions can be just as appetizing, knockouts are what most people tune in to see.

    So being a long time MMA fan, you feel it's your duty to get your friends to watch it with you, and you know exactly how to hook that fish.

    Pull up YouTube and look up memorable knockouts that will render them speechless. Works every time. 

    These are the knockouts that are made easily viewable and that haven't been taken down due to copyright restrictions. There are many to choose from but these are the best of the available, and they're sure to drop new fight fans' jaws.

Dan Henderson Knocks out Michael Bisping

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    Nothing like an H-bomb to kick off a list full of knockouts.

    Dan Henderson's knockout victory against Michael Bisping made UFC 100 a monumental event. After an intense buildup on The Ultimate Fighter 9, Henderson vs. Bisping was built up as the Americans vs. the Brits.

    Henderson wearing his USA shorts and all stepped in the Octagon head hunting.

    It wasn't until the second round where Henderson connected with a thunderous right hand that sent Bisping crumbling to the mat. Though Bisping was already out, Henderson put his stamp on the knockout with a flying forearm.

Rampage Jackson Powerbombs Ricardo Arona

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    They say the best defense is a good offense.

    In Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's case, a powerbomb is the perfect way to get yourself out of a triangle choke hold.

    As soon as Ricardo Arona slapped on the submission hold, Jackson lifted Arona high above his head and slammed him to the mat.

    The minute Arona's head hit the canvas he was knocked out cold. Nine out of 10 times technique beats strength, but this knockout serves as one of the few instances where power and aggression trump skill.

Yahir Reyes Spinning Backfist KO

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    You're not going to find a more picture-perfect spinning backfist knockout in MMA than Yahir Reyes' at Bellator Fighting Championships 6.

    Reyes fought against Estevan Payan, and it's a fight that grabbed headlines throughout the entire MMA community because of the result.

    With an accurately placed spinning backfist, Reyes put Payan on the canvas, and at the same time put Bellator in the limelight.

    The fight took home ESPN's MMA Live's knockout of the year in 2009.

Lyoto Machida Crane Kick KO

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    Lyoto Machida truly is "The Karate Kid."

    Machida's elusive karate style was well-documented throughout his long run in the UFC, and because it was such a distinct style, Machida's popularity skyrocketed when he used his karate to defeat Rashad Evans for the light heavyweight championship at UFC 98.

    After the big win, Machida would win a controversial decision against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and then lose two fights in a row. So Machida went into his bout against Randy Couture at UFC 129 having to climb a steep mountain.

    Machida came through with one of the greatest knockout kicks you'll ever see. Just like Daniel-son did in The Karate Kid, Machida used the crane kick to defeat his adversary.

Cro Cop Knocks out Wanderlei Silva

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    Mirko Cro Cop was a savage back in Pride.

    Rigged or not, Cro Cop knocked out opponents with his patented high kick for years in Japan, and out of all of the memorable knockouts, the most memorable came against Wanderlei Silva.

    Like Cro Cop, Silva was a superstar in Japan, and their rematch at Pride FC—Final Conflict Absolute was at a fever pitch.

    Both of these MMA icons went at it like the gladiators they truly are, and Cro Cop won the fight with another vintage head kick.

Gabriel Gonzaga Cro Cop's Cro Cop

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    Skip to 56-second mark for knockout

    Gabriel Gonzaga was fed to the wolves at UFC 74.

    Pitted against one of the greatest knockout artists in MMA history, Gonzaga was thought to be but a launching point for Cro Cop's inevitable championship run in the UFC.

    Well, Gonzaga had something to say about that.

    Gonzaga threw a tantalizing head kick that sent shockwaves not only through Cro Cop's body but through the entire MMA community. It was one of the more violent sights to ever take place inside the UFC.

Jose Aldo Flying Knees KO

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    Skip to 1:52 for knockout

    Jose Aldo's fighting style is absolutely beautiful, violent but beautiful nonetheless.

    In the WEC, Aldo ran through every opponent he faced like a buzz-saw, and when he faced Cub Swanson at WEC  41, Aldo delivered one of his finest knockouts.

    As soon as the fight started, Aldo set his feet and then fired off a double flying knee that landed flush on Swanson.

    The blow put Swanson in the fetal position, and the fight was over in eight seconds.

Anderson Silva Front Kicks Vitor Belfort

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    Is there a better knockout artist in the history of MMA than Anderson Silva?

    His knockouts against Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin and James Irvin are a perfectly painted portrait of what devastating Muay Thai should look like.

    But his front kick knockout against Vitor Belfort changed the dynamic of the sport. After Silva landed the front kick at UFC 126, countless MMA fighters adopted the kick and implemented it into their style.

    Every time a front kick lands, it truly is an admirable sight, but the first-ever front kick knockout in the UFC will withstand the ages of time.

Dan Henderson Knocks out Wanderlei Silva

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    Henderson and Wanderlei Silva are two of the greatest knockout artists of all time, so it was only fitting that their fight at Pride 33 ended in a clean one.

    Boy, did it ever.

    Henderson and Silva were throwing bombs and after a few missed, Henderson caught Silva clean with an enticing left hook.

    Silva collapsed immediately following the connection, and Henderson's legacy for knockout power really started to take off.

Anderson Silva Knocks out Tony Fryklund

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    When it comes to knockouts in MMA, this one takes the cake.

    Sure, Edson Barboza's spinning wheel kick knockout offers a great challenge, as does other knockouts mentioned on this list, but come on, it doesn't get better than Silva's upward elbow knockout.

    First of all, who would even think to throw such an unorthodox strike? An uppercut elbow strike? Really?

    Only the greatest fighter of all time could pull off this phenomenal knockout.