NBA 2K13: Tips for Building a Beastly 'My Player' in My Career Mode

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 2, 2012

image from NBA 2K13 - My Player: "The Prophet" Malik Knight a.k.a MK99
image from NBA 2K13 - My Player: "The Prophet" Malik Knight a.k.a MK99

Do you want to create an absolute beast with your My Player in NBA 2K13? Of course you do, that’s why you’re reading this article. My Player has become one of the most popular modes of play in the NBA 2K franchise. This year it has evolved into an even more engrossing mode called My Career.

For those that aren’t aware of what this mode is, here is a brief explanation. You create a player, customizing him from head to toe. You choose the name, look, height and attribute base for your virtual love child. You are charged with taking him through an entire career that will hopefully feature individual and team awards. 

The big difference between My Player and traditional play is that you only control your guy. So when you pass the ball, you have to trust your teammates. Each position carries a different dynamic, and that is a major part of the challenge and appeal. 

There are tips and best practices to follow to become a force in the virtual NBA, and I have the goods for you. Here is the blueprint for creating a monster My Player.

It’s All About The VC

Your player will start with a skill-based profile. You can choose to be a natural athlete, shooter, distributor, post-up guy, and other profiles specific to the position you choose. You’ll have some natural abilities, but to become a beast you’ll need to build your skills. 

The only way to do that is through the accumulation of Virtual Coins. The VC is the currency system in NBA 2K13 and it can be earned by playing any and every mode in the game. Even when you’re not playing My Career mode, if you’re playing NBA 2K13, you’re adding to your VC bank. 

You can use that VC in other areas of the game, but the primary use for it is in My Career. That said, the first and most basic tip for building a great My Player is to simply play the game…a lot.

As you play the different modes you’ll see your VC grow, and obviously the more successful you are, the more you earn. One great thing about this system of earning is that you still accumulate VC when you lose. 

The world is filled with consolation prizes, and I’m glad NBA 2K13 is on board with that concept.

Earning VC On the Go

NBA 2K13 can take over your life, and the new mobile apps are simply an enabler. In this year’s version there is a Facebook based app called NBA 2K: My Life (think Farmville for jocks). If you are a complete basketball vidiot, you may have some sort of withdrawal when you’re forced to leave the house and the game behind.

This app can help tide you over until you return to your man or woman cave. The great thing is that you earn VC for playing this app. You also add VC with the tablet version of NBA 2K13 and MyNBA2K, the free app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire tablets. 

This is hardcore stuff, but how far are you willing to go to be great? While you’re doing “important” things like working, taking care of the kids, etc, the true virtual champions are building VC. It’s all about sacrifice soldier. Now pick up that tablet and start earning some VC.

I’m sorry, I got a little carried away, but you get the point.

How to Pick a Position

Picking the right position is important. There really isn’t one position that’s better than the others, it really depends on how you play the game. Obviously, if you’re a point guard you’ll have the ball in your hands more often, but big men get easier buckets and the opportunity to excel close to the basket by snagging rebounds.

Each position has its pros and cons. You have to find the one that best fits what you do well on the game. If you have a knack for outside shooting, you may be better off taking a wing position. If you’re a great playmaker and you have a solid handle on the control stick, the point guard position may be the best fit.

If you are solid in scoring on the low post, power forward or center is a smart choice. Picking the position that best fits your style will allow you to excel in games, and thus earn VC faster to expedite your development.

Picking the Right Play Style

Each position has six play styles to choose from. All of them have the following three styles: all around, defensive and athletic. In addition to those there are three styles specific to the position. The perimeter spots have three-point specialist as an option, and the pivot men have the option to be back to the basket players.

Your choice does not pigeon hole you to this style, but it slants your initial ratings in this direction. If you’re looking for some immediate success I’d recommend choosing athletic as your play style. This ensures your My Player will be an above average athlete, and that will enable you to get hustle points, sky for rebounds and to adequately defend your position.

You can work on the skill aspects of your game, but the physical boosts are a little harder to add.

For perimeter players, my secondary choice would be three-point specialist. This style will allow you to score and be a force on the floor early in your My Career. You may be slow and a poor dribbler, but that didn’t stop Steve Kerr from becoming a valuable NBA player.

As a pivot man, my secondary choice would be rebounder. If your big man crashes the boards he can attain solid grades for high rebound numbers in games, and he can pick up easy buckets after crashing the offensive glass.

Improve Your Draft Stock

When your My Career begins you’ll have to play in the Rookie Challenge. Your performance in this rookie all star game will weigh heavy on where you’re selected. If you do well then you could even hear your name called first in the NBA Draft. 

In this game it is important to be aggressive, but not foolish. If you turn the ball over a ton, or simply play poorly your draft stock will be effected, and that could land you on a good team, but stuck on the bench behind a solid player.

The draft logic is great in this mode, so you’ll likely be selected by a team that has a spot for you, though. However, you do earn more VC based on how well you perform.  Check out this video of my My Player, “The Prophet” Malik Knight a.k.a MK99, through his creation and performance in the Rookie Challenge.

Shine or Self Sabotage

You’ll have pre-draft interviews with general managers from teams that are interested in you. This is a cool role-playing theme in the mode. You’ll be asked specific questions relating to the teams current situation, and your answers will help that team determine if you’re a fit for their organization.

If you get an interview with a team you want to play for, then try to pick the best, and most attractive response. If you’re being interviewed by the Miami Heat, and you really don’t want to play in South Beach, say something like: “I hate LeBron James, and I’m liable to attack him in the locker room.”

Well, you can’t actually say that, but basically you may want to say something arrogant that would likely turn the GM off.

After the interviews are done you’ll have to wait to hear your name called in the NBA Draft, just like all the other draft hopefuls. Once you’re selected, you’re a pro and it’s time to play for real—well, virtually speaking.

Practice, We Talkin Bout Practice

Allen Iverson is back in the game, but if you want to build a successful My Player you must practice. You do this in the form of a variety of drills. There are some new exercises this year, and they are all pretty entertaining and helpful.

Completing these drills earn you—you guessed it, VC. The amount depends on how well you do. You’ll receive either a gold, silver, bronze or no VC award at all for your time. You’ll get three drills to complete per week (virtually speaking).

It is best to use them at the beginning of the week, this way you’ll be able to perform at your best for the games scheduled over the next seven days. That is assuming you chose to use the VC to upgrade your My Player immediately.

Let Me Upgrade You: Substance over Style

My Player is so huge this year. It includes cool attires for the three different looks you can sport. That said, pre-game rituals, headbands, and t-shirts don’t necessarily make you a better player. 

Be sure to build your player's skills before you start going hard after swag. I’m not saying you have to look like the poorest My Player in the 2K universe, but get your game together first. Once you are a legitimate star in the virtual NBA, you can start dressing and acting like one.

You’re Almost Ready

Once you’re in games with your team, you must remember one primary rule early on: don’t try to do too much. Your skills are on the infant level and forcing the issue will lead to turnovers, mishaps and a low teammate grade for the game.

You don’t want that.

You won’t earn VC, and everybody will hate you. Well, maybe not the last part of that, but you’ll feel pretty bad, though. Play to your strengths early, and you’ll start to see improvement in each game.

Are You a Star Yet?

Once you’ve carved a niche for yourself it’s time to start acting like a superstar. Start spending some of that VC on attire, rituals, and other things to get the most out of the experience.

Have a sit-down meeting with the GM and demand (or suggest) player personnel moves. It’s all just a part of being the face of the franchise. If you follow this blueprint, you should be on your way.

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