Ranking Nerlens' High-Top Fade and College Basketball's Craziest Hair Styles

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IISeptember 28, 2012

Ranking Nerlens' High-Top Fade and College Basketball's Craziest Hair Styles

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    There are so many options to choose from. From the classic afro to the high-top fade, deciding between what hair style is the craziest in college basketball is really a matter of personal choice.

    Let me preface this article by saying that I am no expert in the world of hair.

    I first fell in love with crazy hair in 2001 when Allen Iverson was at the peak of his cornrows. I then decided on growing my hair out and rocked a 1970's style afro that could compete with the best of them.

    I may not be a hair expert, but I certainly love the art of hair.

    With that said, let's get into the top-10 hair styles in college basketball.

10. Jeff Withey, University of Kansas

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    The University of Kansas' Jeff Withey comes in at the No. 10 spot.

    A still picture just doesn't do the mop-top justice. His hair is best viewed in motion as it seems to move with every step he takes.

    Withey ended up cutting his hair about half way through this past season, but maybe he'll bring the hair back for his senior campaign. 

    It is certainly a sight to see.

9. Jordan Bachynski, Arizona State

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    When Jordan Bachynski isn't controlling the paint and getting to the hoop, you can find him slicking back his hair so that it's ready for game time.

    Okay, that part probably isn't true, but one look at his hair has to make you think about the amount of time and gel goes into it.

    The seven-footer will be vital toward Arizona State's success next year and maybe his hair will end up being a good luck charm.

    Okay probably not, but it was fun to say.

8. Anthony Davis, University of Kentucky

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    Who ever said that a hair style had to be on top of the head?

    Anthony Davis is a wildcard on the list because he is no longer playing college basketball, but it would have been impossible to leave his eyebrow's off the list.

    The most impressive aspect of Davis' eyebrows is that he didn't do a thing about them.

    The man had to have heard countless comments in the media and probably among his friends yet he stayed strong and kept them nice and manicured for the world to see.

    For that, he has earned both my respect and more importantly, a spot on this list.

7. Carl Hall, Wichita State

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    You had to know that it wouldn't be long before some dreadlocks made the list and without further ado, I present to you Carl Hall.

    Hall was recently granted a sixth year of eligibility which means Wichita State fans will get to enjoy his dreadlocks for another season.

    There are certain hair styles that either work or don't work. The ones where they're either fun to look at or funny to look at because of how strange it looks.

    Dreadlocks fall into this category so being able to pull them off is a feat itself.

    It also doesn't hurt Hall that his hair seems to fit in with his school's mascot, the Shockers. 

6. Michael Wilder, UC-Irvine

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    Attention world, the first afro has landed on the list at No. 6.

    UC Irvine's Michael Wilder combines two sets of hair to come out with one amazing result. I call it the "frotee" and it takes place when an afro is touching a goatee type of beard.

    Very scientific I know.

    Wilder only stands at 6' 2" so he needs any extra help in the height department. His beard may only be looked at as an added bonus, but still, what a bonus it is.

5. Angelo Chol, Arizona

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    Angelo Chol has one of the most unique looks in all of college basketball.

    The University of Arizona forward possesses a hairstyle that oddly fits him well.

    It's rare to see shorter dreadlocks on such a big man, however, Chol pulls it off with flair. His aggressive playing style allows for some hair bouncing, but the length of the hair helps to not overdo it.

    A very important balance.

    Chol will be heading into his sophomore year after a successful freshman season that saw him learning the ropes.

    He's still young so he's going to need some help from the coaching staff. His hair on the other hand will do just fine without a coach.

4. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse

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    I hope you weren't expecting only college basketball players.

    There's always some room for a coach.

    Jim Boeheim, head coach of Syracuse University, makes the list because of what he attempts to do with what little hair he has.

    There appears to be some kind of attempt at a comb over, but the problem is that he only has about 25 hairs to comb over.

    The math just isn't in his favor and his poor execution has to land him at No. 4 on the list.

3. Matt Stainbrook, Western Michigan

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    Matt Stainbrook was a serious contender for the No. 1 spot on this list. He instead lands at No. 3 which should still be considered as an accomplishment.

    Just for your enjoyment, take one more look at his picture.

    Welcome back and no need to thank me, I just thought that you'd enjoy another glance.

    Western Michigan isn't known for being a basketball powerhouse, but they should be known for being the home to one of the most interesting looking college basketball players in the country.

    I applaud Stainbrook for how he embraces his strange curls, and hopefully his look will garner some attention throughout the year.

2. Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

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    The flat-top fade is one of the top-2 hair styles in the history of basketball.

    Nerlens Noel looks like he'll be the next player to carry the hair style's tradition into the college game.

    Noel's skill set should be enough to excite the University of Kentucky, but his hair is the icing on the cake and why he gets the No. 2 spot on the list.

    There is quite a bit of pressure on the incoming freshman and a clean flat-top fade will automatically place Noel on the fan-favorite list.

    He'll definitely have all eyes on him.

    I could be crazy, but something tells me that that was probably his goal anyway.

1. Ed Daniels, Murray State

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    People heard about Murray State's basketball program throughout the season as they only lost one game throughout the entire regular season.

    It wasn't until they watched the NCAA Tournament that they discovered the hair, the myth and the legend.

    The proud owner of that hair is Ed Daniel.

    Pat Forde, writer for Yahoo! Sports, broke down the most incredible part about Daniel's afro. That it has it's own Twitter account:

    "@Ed_Hair is an homage to the towering orb of afro that billows out of a headband and elevates Daniel, a junior, from roughly 6 feet 7 to 6-11. It is the coolest hair in the NCAA tournament, if not the world. Which is why it needed its own Twitter account."

    It shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone that Daniel gets the No. 1 spot on the list of craziest hair in college basketball.

    Congratulations Ed Daniel, you absolutely deserve it.