FC Barcelona: Translating the Best Fan Chants You'll Hear at Camp Nou

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FC Barcelona: Translating the Best Fan Chants You'll Hear at Camp Nou

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    As fun and exciting as it is to watch your favorite team on television, nothing compares to the excitement of actually going to a game and seeing your favorite team up close.

    For fans, there’s nothing like being with other fans at the stadium. The stadium is a cathedral where fans come and praise the greatness of the team’s players. The camaraderie that persists is one of a kind.

    One of the best parts of going to any stadium and being with the fans is the chants. These sacred chants are more than just words—they are hymns in the cathedral that is your team's stadium—and every true fan knows the words.

    Culés have many chants for FC Barcelona. Some of them are simple and many of them are celebratory. And there are some that are aggressive towards their rivals.

    I decided to count down the top 10 chants of Barcelona fans. These are chants you need to remember in order to be considered a true Culé.

    You never know, you may be at a Barcelona away game soon and you’ll need to chant along with the Culés. Or, you may be at the Camp Nou celebrating a Lionel Messi goal and a Barcelona win!

    Without further ado, here are the Barça fans’ top 10 chants at the Camp Nou as all Culés celebrate the stadium's 55th year of existence.

El Chant del Barça

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    The first and most recognizable chant is el Himne Del Barça turned into chant. When the chant begins, the entire hymn is sung.  After that, only the second part of the chorus is sung.

    Here are the main lyrics that are normally repeated:

    Blaugrana al vent
    un crit valent
    tenim un nom el sap tothom:
    Barça, Barça, Baaarça!


    Blue and claret blowing in the wind
    One valiant cry
    We’ve got a name that everyone knows: 
    Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

    Check out the video for how it’s sung. This is from Barcelona’s 2-0 victory against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Ole-Le, Ola-La, Ser Del Barça És El Millor Que Hi Ha!

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    This is one of the most popular chants the club has. The lyrics state how great it is to be part of FC Barcelona.

    Ain’t that the truth!

    Here are the lyrics and check out the video. This is a chant you will hear fans chant when the blaugrana are on the road more than at home. Culés use this chant to bug their opponents' fans.

    And it works.


    Ole-le, Ola-la, ser del Barça és el millor que hi ha!


    Ole-le, Ola-la, being a Barça fan is the best (thing) there is!

Madrid, *^$#@!, Saulda al Campeon!

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    Whenever this chant is played, you know it was a great year!

    It’s a chant that may not have the most proper lyrics, but if you know anything about El Clásico and FC Barcelona’s rivalry against Real Madrid, you know these appropriate, sincere lyrics.


    Madrid, c*br*n, Saluda al campeon!


    Madrid, bastard, say hi to the champions!

    1Literal translation is a male goat.

    2Depending on which country, it can mean something else than bastard.

Mourinho, Sal Del Banquillo!

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    This chant began in the famous 5-0 victory over Real Madrid in 2010.

    José Mourinho seemly never got out of his seat in the second half of the game. This chant slowly grew among the Culés and now is the chant you’ve heard in Clásicos.

    All Culés want is to see Mou get up from the bench. Is that too much to ask?


    Sal del banquillo!

    Mourinho sal del banquillo!

    Sal del banquillo!

    Mourinhio sal del banquillo!


    Get out/Come out of the bench!

    Mourinho come out of the bench!

    Come out of the bench!

    Mourinho come out of the bench!

1899 Neix El Club Que Porto Al Cor

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    A traditional chant, this one is a loyalist’s favorite. It describes how the club fans carry on their hearts was born in 1899. Fútbol Club Barcelona!


    1899 (said Mil vuit-cents noranta-nou)

    Neix el club que porto al cor

    Blaugrana són els colors

    Futbol Club Barcelona.

    Le, le, le, le-le-le,

    le, le, le, le-le-le,

    le, le, le, le-le-le

    Futbol Club Barcelona



    Was born the club I carry in my heart

    Blue and garnet are its colors

    Futbol Club Barcelona

    Le, le, le, le-le-le,

    le, le, le, le-le-le,

    le, le, le, le-le-le

    Futbol Club Barcelona


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    Another chant you’ll hear. This one is more for noise-making purposes, as well. No translation needed.

    Lo, lolololololo, lo lo

    Lo, lolololololo, lo lo



    Barcelonale ale ale ale

Madridista Qui No Boti Eh, Eh!

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    This is a simple one, as the crowd lets everyone know “whoever doesn’t jump up is a Madridista.” This chant is not just for games against Real Madrid; you will hear it at any game.

    If you don’t jump when you hear it, you’re not a true Culé.


    Boti, Boti, Boti!

    Madridista qui no boti eh, eh!


    Jump, jump, jump!

    Madridista, whoever doesn’t jump, eh, eh!

Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo-Lo!!!

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    This chant has no direct meaning. It’s just to make noise, especially when Barcelona is dominating an opponent. Many times, the chant will end with a “Fútbol Club Barcelona."

    Lo, lo, lo, lo-looooooo

    Lo, lo, lo, lo-looooooo

    Futbol Club Barcelona!

Ese Portugues...

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    A famous yet rude chant directed towards the Real Madrid player all Culés love to hate: Cristiano Ronaldo.

    This is a simple yet effective chant on how Culés, FC Barcelona, and all of Catalunya feel about sad little Ronaldo.


    Ese Portugués

    Hijo de p*ta es!


    That Portuguese

    Son of a B****, he is!

I Si Tots Animem! I Si Tots Animem! I Si Tots Animem! Guanyarem!!

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    This is one of the best chants.

    This chant is usually sung by Culés on the road. The chant means if the fans are encouraged, the team will win.


    Lo, lo-lo, lo, lo

    I si tots animem! I si tots animem! I si tots animen guanyarem!!!


    Lo, lo-lo, lo

    And if all are encouraged! And if all are encouraged! And if all are encouraged! we will win!!!

    Check out the chant and Leo Messi’s amazing goal, including a “ME-SSI” chant after the goal.

    Thanks for reading. Always appreciated.

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