NBA 2K13 Player Ratings: Knicks vs. Nets, They Got It Backwards

Adam Waksman@@AdamWaksmanCorrespondent IIISeptember 22, 2012

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The NBA 2K13 player ratings for both the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks have been released by NBA Sky. The intercity rivalry that is being born this year looks likely to be a big one. More attention will be paid to Knicks vs. Nets action than has ever been paid before.

NBA 2K13 has weighed in for their part but in a very strange way. Take a look at the position by position breakdown.

Nets vs. Knicks NBA 2K13 Comparison
Position Nets Rating Knicks Rating
Center 80 77
Power Forward 74 84
Small Forward 81 92
Shooting Guard 85 80
Point Guard 90 80
Average 82.0 82.6

The odd part is that this is backwards. Center Brook Lopez will actually be better in the game than Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler. On the other hand, the Knicks make up for it by having a high quality backcourt made up of players who will not be starters in real life.

Point guard Jason Kidd (80)—turning 40 midseason—will be backing up Raymond Felton. Shooting guard Iman Shumpert (also 80)—will be injured for much of the regular season.

The combination of Carmelo Anthony being overrated and Gerald Wallace being underrated creates a tremendous advantage at small forward. Wallace—perhaps the most forgotten of all recent all-stars—put up only 1.4 less win shares than Anthony in the 2011-12 season.

In a real game, the Knicks should have a major big-man advantage between Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire. The Nets should have their primary advantage in the backcourt, with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson outmatching J.R. Smith and Raymond Felton.

The video game version will look quite different. Digital Shumpert and digital Kidd will be able to hold their own in the backcourt, while digital Carmelo can score basket after basket over digital Wallace.

Overall, the Knicks appear to have slight edge over the Nets in the game world. So NBA 2K13 has voiced its opinion. We will get some real evidence soon. The Nets play their home opener against the Knicks on November 1.

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