50 Funniest Sports Pictures Ever

Paul Grossinger@@pgrossingerAnalyst IISeptember 17, 2012

50 Funniest Sports Pictures Ever

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    Sometimes, perseverance has a price.  And a smell.

    Sport is about strength, grit, determination, success...and definitely humor.

    Laughing at iconic sports moments, and some that are less iconic and just cry-till-you-drop funny, is just a part of the game.

    Here are the 50 funniest sports pictures.  

No. 50: Four Arms

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    Is it funny that I stared at this picture for ages and still have no idea exactly how that is possible?

No. 49: Angry Defeat

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    Is this the meanest expression in the NBA?

No. 48: Sad Satisfaction

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    The WWE may not be real but how can you fake the slightly sad but definite look of satisfaction on The Heartbreak Kid's face after using his signature move, Sweet Chin Music.  

No. 47: Blind Allegiance

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    Look at how each fan's arm is spread out in exactly the same way, trying to touch Jason Clark, almost succeeding.

    You would think he was God and just came down to earth.  

No. 46: Swing and a Miss

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    It's only funny when it's not happening to you.  

No. 45: Soccer Wall

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    When I was young, I watched this game and assumed that all the French players waited for the impact will steely bravery.

    Nice to know that this is what the soccer wall really looks like.

No. 44: Joining Forces

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    It's always great to have good chemistry.

    Joseph and Scoop Jardine are so close they look like Siamese twins.  

No. 43: Ping Pong Hustle

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    If you thought those rallies in the Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic U.S. Open tennis final were crazy, just look at what these guys are doing.

    They really are living up to the name "table tennis."  

No. 42: Moment of Truth

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    It's just about the moment of impact.

    But what is that expression? Is it fear? Excitement?  

    My bet is constipation.  

No. 41: Hiding the Tear

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    Time to race to the locker room!

No. 40: Moment Before Impact

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    The seconds before a splash, captured forever for the world to see.  

No. 39: Band Play

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    Its time to celebrate but the band's arrival is just a few seconds too soon.  

No. 38: Midair Regret

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    All the way to the starting point, that rider wanted to pull off the greatest stunt of all time.

    But, about how long after the wheels came off did regret set in?  

No. 37: Sorry Wood

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    If you swapped me into this picture, I would have a nasty fall and a broken leg.  

    But the wooden block would be just fine.  

No. 36: Small Ball

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    The NBA has already ditched the era of dominant centers for the age of superstar point guards.

    Is this where we are headed?

No. 35: Avoiding the Horns

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    Those bulls don't look like they are playing games.  It's crazy enough to go in there with one bull, but two?

    If it were me, I'd pull a Harold and Kumar and ditch those pretty horses for a cheetah.  

No. 34: New Way to Slide Tackle

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    In sports, you have to stop the opponent at all cost.

    Even if that is the view you have to endure.  And, as luck would have it since the player whose pants were pulled down let out a fart, the smell.  

No. 33: Ride the Wave

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    Can you tell who looks happier in this picture?

No. 32: Tumbling Down

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    "Always keep your eye on the ball."

    Even when your panties are falling down. 

No. 31: Sand Angel

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    My friend's first response when he saw this was, "what kind of sand angel was she trying to make?"

No. 30: In Your Face

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    Imagine that being the iconic image of your college career: balls in face as the ball goes in the basket.  

No. 29: New Sport

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    Time to classify a new sport: water-ball.  

No. 28: New Form of Training

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    This trainer is very zealous about soothing the players' aching muscles.  

    Is it a moment of passion right on the job for the benefit of thousands of fans or just a new way to stretch out an injured leg?

No. 27: Royals Fan

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    Well, if the Royals keep losing forever, at least they know there will be one fan in the house.  

No. 26: The View

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    Just one question: how's the view?

No. 25: Patriot Hate

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    A special present for all those Patriot haters out there.

    This moment is somewhere between shocking, amazing, and hilarious, depending on who you cheer for.  

No. 24: The Tongue

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    I can't decide what's funnier: the pure look of horror on Yao's face or the fact that he was so tall that his opponent's face didn't even reach Yao's shoulder.  

No. 23: Alien

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    Just take a look: do we really need more evidence that aliens walk among us?

No. 22: Horseplay

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    The NBA will miss Don Nelson, one of basketball's great small ball innovators.

    But David Stern will never, ever miss this photo.  The NBA's disciplinarian can't have enjoyed these antics on the sideline.  

No. 21: Run Away

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    Don't worry, I'd run away from her too. 

    Cowardice is the better part of valor.  

No. 20: Taking a Whiz

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    The orange team's coach must have been thinking, "is this actually happening?"

    It just made me imagine Bill Belichick's face if Tom Brady decided to pull that stunt one day.  

No. 19: Deserted

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    If it were me behind the mask, I'd be thinking, "is there an In-N-Out drive through around here?"

    Maybe its just over the next dune.  Keep going Tiger.  

No. 18: Hairy 3

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    The only "3" I was thinking of is the three seconds until I barf.  

No. 17: Hopping to Heaven

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    Hopping to perdition, one long leap at a time.  

No. 16: Are You Frightened

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    I can't decide: is this one of the scariest sports images ever, or just one of the nastiest?

    Either way, it sticks with you.  

No. 15: Fear

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    My gym teacher used to say, "don't fear the ball. You control it, it doesn't control you!"

    Well actually...

No. 14: Fearless Baby

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    Can you imagine your baby being fearless enough to try and grab a flying bat out of mid-air as their chosen memento from the ball game?

No. 13: Dirty Champion

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    Reminding us to do whatever it takes to win.  

No. 12: Letting Your Guard Down

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    Come on Victor, Larry Merchant wouldn't have let his guard down like that!

No. 11: Caddyshack

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    Am I just going insane, or does this remind you of the crazy scene from Caddyshack where the guy is electrocuted on the golf course?

No. 10: Dunking over Nobody

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    That's remarkable hang time when no one is even around. Did he think he was dunking on Shaq or something?

No. 9: Staying in Ohio

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    Back then, didn't you just imagine him staying in Cleveland forever?

    The picture itself isn't funny, but it IS funny how fast things change, isn't it?

No. 8: Bulls

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    Please explain: why would anyone in their right mind want to mess with a bull?

No. 7: Too Many Burgers

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    Was it the chili cheese burger, the loaded fries, or the shake that was the culprit?

No. 6: Crazy Beard

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    I've always wondered: how long would it take to grow a beard down to my waist?

    Sadly, being a cool bearded dude isn't in the cards if I want to keep my day job.  

No. 5: Swing and a Miss

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    Clearly, some moments are more significant to some than to others.  

    Thank you Darryl for showing me why I should never yawn in public again.  

No. 4: National Anthem PDA

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    Every team has a special way to honor their country during the national anthem.  

No. 3: Homemade Bean Chili

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    I've never been much of a runner and this image convinced me never to run a marathon.

    Besides the crazy, tiring exertion and dehydration, what would I do if I expelled some home-made chili along the way?

No. 2: Miss Me

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    Someone doesn't want the ball.

    Come on, be a fan! Break your jaw, sure, but isn't taking that ball home more important?

No. 1: Rival's Kiss

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    Speaking as a New Yorker, this is the one type of kiss that won't fly in the Big Apple.

    Go Yankees!  You can sleep with anyone...except the Boston enemy.