John Cena and 6 WWE Superstars Whose Bodies Have Changed Dramatically

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIISeptember 13, 2012

John Cena and 6 WWE Superstars Whose Bodies Have Changed Dramatically

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    What goes into making a WWE superstar is time, considerable strength and physical exercise. As some of these slides will attest, anyone can seemingly make it to the heights of pro wrestling provided that they remain committed and have the right discipline.

    While some have been guilty of using steroids and hormones along the way, the path to the WWE is not an easy one for anyone.

    The following slideshow will show the transformation of seven WWE superstars that has occurred in recent years. In some instances, it shows that they have gained strength, muscle and more definition, whilst in others they will have lost some of their former strength in retirement.

    We even have one example that shows a complete transformation from relative fat to muscle. You will be surprised by who it is; and it gives us all a little hope that we can have ripped muscles one day too.

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John Cena Before

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    Even at the start of his career, John Cena was a muscular guy. However, he was not quite as big as he has become. Notice in particular the more defined pectoral muscles, the relatively smaller shoulder blades and more defined ab muscles.

    Cena certainly has done some incredible feats of strength in the ring, including a bodyslam on the Big Show.

    It is worth noting that Cena has not fallen foul of the Wellness Program during his time in the WWE.

John Cena Now

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    John Cena as we know him today, ever so slightly energetic!

Randy Orton Then

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    When Randy Orton first appeared in the WWE he cut a somewhat bloated appearance, in particular his arms, chest, abs and shoulder blades. However, over time this excess muscle has been lost and he has become much more defined in terms of his figure and shape.

    Whether he has lost some of his power remains an unanswered question.

    An interesting fact about Orton, as some of our older fans will remember, is that he suffers from hypermobile shoulders, which means that they can stretch further than most. Orton famously injured his shoulder in a match against Edge.

Randy Orton Now

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    Randy Orton today with much more defined muscles and considerable loss of bulk in the chest, arms and abs; much healthier than his former bloated self.

Batista Then

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    "The Animal" Batista as we knew him in the WWE.

Batista Now

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    In training for MMA, Dave Batista has lost a considerable amount of weight from his wrestling days. He always was a strong and muscular wrestler, however, as his latest pictures show, he is no longer carrying what may very well have been dangerous amounts of muscle.

    Whether Batista remains in MMA or indeed makes a return to WWE is something we look forward to seeing, but at the moment, he looks in better shape.

Scott Steiner Then

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    Tag Team legend or unworkable loudmouth, Scott Steiner remains a controversial figure in the wrestling world. He has always been a pretty big guy especially compared to brother Rick, but as the pictures will show, he has put on considerable muscle weight during his time in wrestling.

Scott Steiner Now

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    "The Freak," Scott Steiner as recently seen in TNA.

John Morrison Then

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    It's hard to think that this young naive looking tryout would become WWE Superstar John Morrison.

    Maybe it's because we know him quite differently and yet even in his formative years, Morrison was a strong and athletic guy. During his rise up the WWE ladder, he gained considerable muscle and definition.

    However, unless he makes a return to the WWE, some might accuse him of being today's Marty Jannetty, especially if The Miz is able to recapture the top prize.

John Morrison Now

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    John Morrison during his recent run as the "Shaman of Sexy" in WWE.

Matt Morgan Then

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    Perhaps the biggest transformation in wrestling in terms of size to trim comes in the way of Matt Morgan.

    Noticeably large in this picture, his ability to lose the weight, gain definition and strength has allowed him to capture a number of titles in wrestling and potentially another shot at the WWE.

    It remains an issue for wrestling fans whether he will return but with a lawsuit in place, Morgan, like Ric Flair, may very well wait until the annual surprise fest that is the Royal Rumble before making his return.

Matt Morgan Now

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    A more recognizable Matt Morgan that we know today and may very well see on WWE television shortly.


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    The path to the wrestling body is not an easy one. For all those who have been to gyms and endured hours of work on those machines that are reminiscent of torture devices, you will know what goes into your physical well-being. For some in wrestling, they have taken short cuts.

    Hormones and steroids, when combined, give an illusion of health and physique, and yet as has been sadly shown, many have paid the ultimate price in recent years.

    For some, however, nature does allow physical health and a good sense of definition, muscle and tone. Those that have not fallen foul of the laws of drug use should be deemed heroes of their profession and celebrated with titles, accolades and contracts.

    Drugs kill; there is no doubt. There is no short cut and those that do have paid the price. Steroids, when used excessively, cause the body to break down and pressure is placed on the heart and other organs.

    Those that see these drugs as mere stepping stones are kidding themselves that they are somehow healthy.

    Sadly, there are too many examples in recent history to show that this is not the case.