Cashtiano!: Manchester United to Offer Cristiano Ronaldo New Deal

Christopher HayesCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

Manchester United are set to offer Cristiano Ronaldo a new deal totaling £10.4 (14.8 million USD) per year according to several UK sources including The Sun and News of the World.

The offer will raise Ronaldo's salary from the £120,000 (170,000 USD) he currently makes per week to £200,000 (284,000 USD).

Poor Robinho, it looks like his reign as the EPL's highest paid player will be a short one. Robinho will no longer be able to roll around in piles of money without knowing that there is a bigger, more ridiculous pile out there.

Ronaldo has three years left on his current contract, but a FIFA rule says that he could buy himself out of his contract at the end of next season.  He has also been heavily courted by Real Madrid in an ongoing football saga that will no doubt get more intense as the summer offseason draws closer.

The deal is broken down so that the £160,000 per week is a base salary with the other £40,000 coming from advertisement and naming rights.  The contract would also extend his stay at Old Trafford an additional two years.

Manchester United are certainly hoping that their preemptive strike will help secure Ronaldo's services, preventing a long drawn-out negotiation later on.

Sir Alex Ferguson has repeatedly said that,"There is no question of Ronaldo leaving." Perhaps the promise of £200,000 a week and mountains of silverware will be enough for the reigning FIFA Player of the Year.


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