Why MMA Is the Purest Competitive Sport

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIISeptember 7, 2012

The sport of MMA has grown immensely since it first came to be. From the primitive no holds barred version, all the way to the present day of rules, regulations, referees, and judges.

MMA fighters today are some of the most dedicated, hardest training athletes in the world. They all train to master multiple martial arts disciplines, and work them into a fluid style that can win fights.

There are many sports that a prospective athlete can try. This begs the question, why choose to train in MMA?

Simply because MMA is the purest competitive sport in the world today.

Fighting has been around since the dawn of time. There is something about fighting that just excites people. When you see two players of any sport get angry at each other, what comes next? The fists begin to fly.

Look at any hockey, football, baseball, or even soccer game where two players squared off. It happens every time. I've seen a good number of hockey fights in my 19 years, and quite frankly it really gets everyone going.

The reason MMA is the purest form of competition today, is simply because it's human nature at its finest. People are geared to fight. It's in our DNA.

Many athletes play high level sports, but when they get angry the primal instinct takes over. The instinct to fight and win.

That is what MMA fighters have. They make their living through fighting. They are easily some of the toughest athletes in the world for what they do.

If you take away the ball, or stick, and the players throw down, only one emerges victorious. It shows exactly who the man is.

MMA is the pure competitive drive to defeat another person. It is refined combat, tempered by the use of many different martial arts, as well as the mental prowess of the fighter.

What every sport boils down to, is that will to fight and win. Some do it through equipment. MMA fighters do it through their fists. You want to impose your will and win anyway you can. 

Fighting is as pure as it gets.

Besides, when two guys are angry at each other, you don't see one challenge the other to a game of golf do you?

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