6 Questions We Would Love to Ask Nick Diaz

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIAugust 23, 2012

6 Questions We Would Love to Ask Nick Diaz

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    Nick Diaz has had a rocky road since rejoining the UFC, forced out of action after testing positive for marijuana metabolites following his interim championship bout loss to Carlos Condit.

    Initially headed to retirement, Diaz has changed his tune in recent weeks, hinting at a possible return as soon as his suspension is up.

    One of the most outspoken and interesting characters in MMA, there are a ton of questions we'd love to ask the former Strikeforce champ.

    Here are six questions we'd really love to hear Diaz's answers to.

Will Nate Take the Belt?

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    Since the elder Nick has been out of action, the younger Diaz brother, Nate, has been tearing it up in the lightweight division.

    Set to face current champ Benson Henderson later this year, we'd love to hear Nick's take on his brother's chances at capturing a UFC title.

    Contrary to his usual expletive filled diatribes, I'd actually expect Nick to be very respectful towards Henderson.

How High Were You for the Takanori Gomi Fight?

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    Back in 2007, Diaz defeated PRIDE legend Takanori Gomi, one of the most feared fighters in the world at the time, per MMAMania. The win, however, was turned into a no contest following Diaz testing positive for marijuana in his post-fight drug test, via MMAWeekly.com (h/t MMAJunkie.com).

    According to the report, Diaz had a THC level of 175, over three times the Nevada State Athletic Commission's threshold of 50.

    Dr. Tony Alamo, the Commission's Chair, stated that he believes Diaz must have been under the influence during the bout, an insane notion considering he wiped the floor with one of the best lightweights in history.

    So the question remains, how high were you for that fight?

What Really Happened with Braulio Estima?

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    One of the most puzzling incidents in Diaz's saga of public relation nightmares came when he failed to show up for a jiu-jitsu superfight with grappling world champ Braulio Estima.

    Initial reports had Diaz looking bad, saying he completely stood Estima up.  However, later reports indicated that Estima actually missed weight and that Diaz was put off after some possible problems with the promoters not donating the prize money to Diaz's designated charity.

    While the incident has blown over now, I'd still like to know what really happened that day and if we'll ever see him face Estima?

Are GSP and Anderson Silva Scared, Homie?

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    It seems like a lifetime ago, but once upon a time, Nick Diaz was actually up for a shot against UFC champ Georges St-Pierre.

    After media mishaps and an eventual suspension, Diaz lost his chance but still has the welterweight king in his sights.  Not only is St-Pierre on Diaz's list, but the former Strikeforce champ also has a bone to pick with Anderson Silva.

    While Diaz may be game for either champ, the UFC is probably going to have its two favorite title holders take each other on in a superfight way before Diaz gets a shot at them.

    However, delays and rising contenders may put the superfight on hold again, opening up a shot for Diaz.

    So if Diaz does get a chance at a belt, who's more scared, homie?

If You Can't Face a Champ, Who Do You Wanna Face?

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    Diaz will likely not face either reigning champ, so another welterweight challenger likely awaits him.

    There are a ton of talented guys that Diaz could take on, but I think there's one contender he'd like to get another shot at.

    If Carlos Condit loses to St-Pierre in November, Diaz would probably love another crack at the last man to beat him.

So, When Are You Coming Back?

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    Regardless of who he faces, Diaz still needs a return date.

    With his suspension not up and Diaz still not officially out of retirement, one can only speculate on when Stockton's own will get back into the Octagon.

    So tell us Diaz, when you coming back?

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