San Francisco 49ers' Jerseys Voted Best in All of Football

Colan Lamont@clamontsportAnalyst IIAugust 18, 2012

NFL.com has ranked the San Francisco 49ers jerseys as the best in the NFL, just ahead of their Bay-Area rivals, the Oakland Raiders.

The Philadelphia Fliers of the NHL were the only other sports team to have their jersey placed ahead of the 49ers on the list.

This isn't the first time the flashy yet traditional fittings of the famous Red and Gold have received such praise.

I also love the gold helmets; the colour gold just produces positive connotations of power and superiority, both fitting of the historic 49ers franchise.

The main colour of red signifies bloodshed and violence, two things that the current 49ers defense is entirely familiar with.

Due to the historic nature of the jerseys, I was really pleased to see that Nike would not be making any major changes to them.

Nike was smart enough not to change much about the 49ers jerseys, with the only obvious differences I can see being the new collar style and different stripes down the side of the jersey.

Some people may think that jerseys don't matter but the fact that some college recruits place such an emphasis on the designer of their potential jerseys shows the importance of them.

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The jersey is the identity of a team, it is unique to that team and their sport, thus allowing their colors to be instantly recognisable whenever a player or fan wears them.

A jersey has been described as a second skin and I couldn't agree more.

If you need proof that jerseys matter, just read what LaMichael James had to say about them, as reported by Alex Espinoza of 49ers.com:

“I would not go to two or three colleges, just because they were Adidas. Weirdest thing ever.  I wouldn’t go to Arkansas and I wouldn’t go to Mississippi State because they were Adidas schools. No three stripes for me. All Nike.”

The older generations may think you should be able to perform in any old t-shirt and shorts but it seems that players are becoming increasingly concerned with the stylistics of their teams clothing range.

Since the Nike Jerseys came out, the uber-talented Patrick Willis has become the seventh highest selling jersey in the NFL, as reported by www.forbes.com.

Obviously the comfort of the jersey is more important than the looks but I'm a big believer that a player will play good if he feels good.

And in our materialistic society, some players will be over the moon if they think their jerseys shows off their physique well.

Anyway, you may think the jerseys don't matter but at least 49ers fans can say their team is one of the best on the field, classy off it, and they also happen to be the smartest and sharpest looking team around.

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