Lingerie Model Tossed Across Stage After Strongman Fails TV Stunt

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 15, 2012

Photo Credit: Unterhaltung.de.msn.com/
Photo Credit: Unterhaltung.de.msn.com/

Lingerie models, please be careful who you allow throw you around a TV stage. 

I am guessing some of that may need a little explaining. It seems Michelle Hunziker agreed to take part in a stunt, only to be sent to the hospital with a concussion shortly thereafter. 

The Sun (h/t Off the Bench) reports the Swiss model featured on a recent episode of the show that is Germany's answer to "Britain's Got Talent."

That's where an auditionee and supposed strongman, Rene Richter, was to spin her around using merely his mouth.

He gets a thumbs up from me if his talent was supposed to be throwing beautiful women, because that's pretty much all he accomplished.

Hunziker was diagnosed with a "concussion and a severely bruised bottom." Richter left with a severely bruised ego. 

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The report does issue that the big man was pretty torn up about the whole thing. In an embarrassed tone, he told the judges, "I'm sorry. She just slipped out of my mouth."

That's what he said. 

According to Off the Bench, Hunziker is a host on the show, and producers thought it would be a barrel of laughs to see her twirled around the stage by Richter. 

Perhaps they should confine hosts to stunts by proven artists. Maybe they should have the show's hopefuls bring in their own stunt women. 

On the bright side, Richter is currently leading in Germany's lingerie model throwing competition. 

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