Who Would Make Up Miami Heat's Dream Team?

Kyle Ramos@Kyle_RamosCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2012

Who Would Make Up Miami Heat's Dream Team?

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    The Heat were undoubtedly the best team in basketball last season and were dominant in completing their quest for their second championship in seven years.

    Dwyane Wade continues to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats in Miami's young franchise history, but who else would be in his company?

    Since it is an Olympic year and there are heavy debates over which Dream Team is the best of them all, it's only fitting to take a look back into the Heat's past and see which players would comprise Miami's own dream team.

    So let's take a look at some of the all-time Miami greats and see which players make the cut for the Heat Dream Team.

PG: Tim Hardaway, 1996-2001

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    Hardaway was hands-down the best point guard the Miami Heat have ever had. He was a two-time All-Star in his five seasons with the Heat, and he also made the All-NBA First Team in 1997. 

    Hardaway could score as easily as he could find an open teammate for an assist and played tenacious defense on the other end of the court too.

    Though Hardaway was plenty good on his own, his partner in crime on the Heat, Alonzo Mourning, made him a part of one of the best tandems in the NBA during his tenure with Miami.

    Without a doubt, Hardaway would be the starting point guard for this Miami Dream Team.

SG: Dwyane Wade, 2003-

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    Since he was drafted in 2003, Wade has been the face of the Miami Heat and has brought the team to its best success in franchise history.

    Wade could be considered to be one of the better players of this generation, and he is certainly making a case to be the greatest player to ever wear a Heat jersey.

    His acrobatic drives and finishes around the hoop and clutch playmaking abilities have not only made him a valuable player in Miami, but an overwhelmingly huge fan favorite.

    This Dream Team simply would not be complete without one of the biggest icons in Miami sports history.

SF: LeBron James, 2010-

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    Though he has only been in Miami for two seasons, James has already made his mark on this franchise by leading them to two Finals appearances and one championship.

    There is also little doubt that LeBron should be considered the best basketball player in the world right now, and it would be absurd to leave him off a Dream Team such as this, even if he hasn't been in South Beach for too long.

    James is a dominant player in the NBA and is making a case for immortality with his individual accolades, along with his first of who-knows-how-many championships.

    It's only been two years, but I think Miami and their fans would agree that LeBron James is just as much a part of Heat history as anyone else they have ever had.

PF: Alonzo Mourning, 1995-2002; 2005-2008

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    There's a reason no one on the Heat can wear No. 33 anymore, and that reason is the greatness of Alonzo Mourning.

    Before Dwyane Wade came into town, the Heat's biggest name for a long time was Mourning. He was a star ever since he entered the league and came to Miami from the Charlotte Hornets as a two-time All-Star in only three years of experience in the NBA.

    His defensive presence and scoring dominance in the post made Mourning one of the best big men in the league. Mourning won two Defensive Player of the Year awards and made the All-NBA First Team in 1999.

    It wasn't until 2006, however, that he tasted his first championship with some help from Wade and Shaquille O'Neal.

    Mourning should go down as one of the all-time greats in the NBA in general, and he is certainly the best man for the job to be starting on the Heat Dream Team.

C: Shaquille O'Neal, 2004-2008

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    When the Big Diesel packed his bags for South Beach, there was plenty of hype surrounding the Heat and what they could do with an elite big man. The move proved to live up to the hype, and Shaq helped to deliver a title in 2006.

    Though he started to slow down in his later years with the Heat, O'Neal was still one of the best big men and the game. Pairing him on a court with Mourning seemed like a logical move for this Dream Team, and it was a reality when he and Zo played together from 2005-2008.

    You know that this Dream Team is stacked when you push Alonzo Mourning down to power forward to make room for another legendary big man. 

Bench- SF: Glen Rice, 1989-1995

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    It was a tough choice to put one of the best Miami Heat of all-time on the bench, but when a guy named LeBron James is also on the list, it can be tough to top him.

    Glenn Rice would definitely be a starter on this list pre-2010, and he is still a great player in his own right. During his tenure with the Heat, Rice blossomed into a talented scorer for Miami and was consistently one of the top three-point shooters in the NBA.

    Coming off the bench for this Dream Team would be a huge boost, since he can provide a great shooting presence and scoring touch.

Bench- SG: Eddie Jones, 2000-2005; 2007

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    As if this team didn't have enough already, Jones was a skilled scorer for Miami during his time on the Heat and is considered to be one of the better shooting guards in the team's history.

    Known not only for scoring, but his defense as well (NBA All-Defensive Second Team in 2000), Jones would be a valuable all-around player to have on the bench for Miami.

    His athleticism and ability to play well on both ends of the court make him a solid pick to be a key bench player for this Dream Team.

Bench- PF: Chris Bosh, 2010-

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    Much like LeBron James, Bosh is still early into his tenure in Miami.

    However, that does not mean he still hasn't contributed heavily to its recent success. Even though he is the third-option on a star-studded Heat team right now, Bosh gets his numbers and makes a big difference on the court for Miami.

    Bosh has a smooth jumpshot to go with some crafty post moves that make him a dangerous threat on offense. He would complement the power of Shaq and Mourning with his finesse style of play in the paint.

    Having him as your primary backup big man would be great for the Dream Team and their depth.

Bench- C: Rony Seikaly, 1988-1994

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    As one of the members of the original roster for the Miami Heat, Seikaly holds a special place in Miami's heart.

    Aside from that, Seikaly was a solid center who even won the NBA Most Improved Player award in 1990. While he wasn't an overpowering force in the paint, Seikaly was much more agile and crafty than the big men of his time, which allowed him to get his points down low.

    He was also a solid shot-blocker who would add some nice defense for the Miami Dream Team, and his play style would go nicely alongside Chris Bosh.

Bench- SG: Steve Smith, 1991-1994

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    Smith adds to the mixture of prolific scorers on this squad, and he showed in his four years with the Heat that he deserves to be a part of this team.

    At 6'8", Smith had good size for a player at his position, and it helped develop his all-around game. Besides just the scoring, Smith could rebound and dish out assists at a productive rate, making him an even bigger threat on the court.

    This also means Smith would be a nice versatile player for the Heat to use at anywhere from point guard to small forward. His overall game would be a great fit for the Miami Dream Team.

Bench- PG: Bimbo Coles, 1990-1996

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    Though his name may make you giggle, Coles was still a very respectable player during his tenure in the NBA and with the Miami Heat.

    Miami hasn't had the best of luck with point guards, besides Tim Hardaway, so you could argue that Cole is probably one of the best in the franchise's history.

    He didn't play big minutes or record big numbers, but Coles was a solid backup point guard for the Heat, and that's exactly what he would be in this situation.

    His ability to facilitate an offense and not needing to score would be a good asset to a team full of star players.

Bench- PF: Udonis Haslem, 2002-

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    Last but not least on this list is the current longest-tenured member of the Heat, Udonis Haslem.

    His NBA career started an underdog story after he went undrafted in 2002, but has since turned into one of great success as he has managed to become a valuable glue player for Miami in the past 10 years.

    Coming off the bench as a reserve big man would be the perfect role for Haslem, and his selfless play and hustle would be a great fit to cap off the roster for the Miami Dream Team.