Fans Disenchanted: Is the Joy of Being a Sports Fan Still There?

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2012

KIDS GET ITDino Panato/Getty Images

I remember back in the days when I'd rush home from school and zoom through my chores so that I wouldn't have any interruptions during THE GAME.

I rejoice in the memory and the satisfaction of following my team and its players for many years. Occasionally there would be a few roster changes which would show up during a street game with someone complaining they were now wearing the jersey of a player that no longer played on their favorite team, leaving that fan perhaps feeling a little betrayed or abandoned.

Those were days when teams had a distinct personality. Some teams were tough, others were gifted and others had balance.

If your team lost you had this deep sense of loss in the pit of your stomach, like you'd been punched in the gut.

Now when I talk to sports fans I still get a sense of loyalty. However that deep passion that existed a few decades ago, on average, has faded dramatically.

With the advent of corporate ownership, teams have been run by faceless boards who only seem to care about money and are far removed from the stands, the fans and the kid playing on the street.

Kids nowadays seem to be more into video games or the latest Youtube video. This, of course then contributes to the growing "numbing" of fan interest in sports in general. Sure, they buy hats and shirts etc by the truckloads. However, these days more and more it's about looking cool as opposed to being loyal to a particular team.

It's a sad state of affairs when players are getting paid millions upon millions of dollars when at the same time, the game has gotten soulless and boring.

The same old post-championship coverage year after year makes a fan want to beat their head against the front of their flat screen.

When players stuck around longer, you got a real chance to know them, to love them OR to hate them. With so much focus on numbers and careers, as opposed to glory and honor, players are playing like robots, with a few exceptions who usually end up being injured by some talentless goon.

I'm interested to hear other peoples' stories about their favorite past teams and sporting experiences that defined key parts in their lives.

If you have a great story or gripe you like to share about being a fan then and now I'd love to here it.

At least the TV quality onscreen is better with much bigger screens which is a definite plus!

I guess time will tell whether sports will ever be the same again.

I'm certainly not going to hold my breath to wait to see if THE GAME returns to my flat screen.