Croatian Basketball Player Antonija Mišura Is Most Beautiful Woman at Olympics

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 20, 2012

Photo Credit: Bet At Home
Photo Credit: Bet At Home

Antonija Misura, for all we care, is dominating the Summer Games far before the Opening Ceremony. 

London will soon be the scene of the greatest sporting event in the world, athletes from all over will compete for pride and country over a fortnight of frivolity. 

The best part is we are again introduced to rare sports not given much visibility the rest of the time. The same goes for some athletes we would have never had a chance to meet. 

And that is where Women's Croatian basketball shooting guard Antonija Misura comes in. Thank you, Summer Olympics, for introducing us. 

We also tip our virtual hats to Reddit for the tip. 

There is not much known about an athlete we have no doubt will be the talk of the Internet in short order. Here are a few pictures taken of her from what seems to be a photo shoot of some kind. 

If anyone knows more, we would greatly appreciate more information. 

Here is a video of the vibrant guard being interviewed. I am a little rusty on my Croatian so please chime in with what she might be answering. Keep it classy though. 

Her Olympic profile gives us a great deal more information on the 24-year old, and also features what would be the best mugshot in the history of such things. 

She plays for Jolly JBS Euroline and her hobbies include fashion and shopping. Of course, there is no telling if she dabbles in fashionable shopping. 

According to FIBA she scored 43 points through 9 games in the 2012 EuroBasket competition, giving us hope we will see a great deal more of her in the next few weeks. 

The mystery known as Misura continues to unravel, pleasantly so. 

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